My worst nightmare come true

by ishmael

I remember waking up to get ready for school. My mom was sleeping so I woke her for to ask her for some lunch money. She didn't have any money this day to give me lunch money and was really tired because she stays up to clean when I'm sleeping. The bus showed up so I get on the bus to school and was feeling like something is wrong, very wrong. I didn't know until the end of school, the bus drop me off and I was in a happy mood until I went upstairs.... I find her laying down in bed so I though she was still a sleep, I called her "" nothing. my heart was beating fast so I get close and show her lips..there were blue..cold blue.. I called "mom...MOM!!" and knew she was dead...I was the one to tell my brothers and sisters she had died in her sleep.. on 11/11/11.. the doctor said she died of a heart attack..

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Oct 13, 2013
I feel you pain
by: Doreen UK

Gina I am sorry for your loss of your mother at such a young age of 15yrs of age. I can understand drinking to block out the pain. It helps for a while but is not a long time way to solve pain. If you still feel the rawness of your grief then go and see a grief counsellor. Somehow they just have the right skills to unlock this pain that has been trapped and release us from the pain that could be on going and last longer than it should. I am thankful for the skill of a great counsellor who gave me back my life and released me from 40yrs. of pain. I cope better with life. I would love you and others who suffer from long term pain of grief to find the same realise that I did. You had a traumatic experience at such a young age and if no adult or responsible person nurtured you through this loss these feeling just get trapped inside us and often we feel that we have to live like this until one day we feel better.
24yrs. is a long time to still feel the same way. Believe me You won't know how good you can feel when you get all those trapped emotions and hurt out of your system. God does hear our prayers and God sent me the right counsellor and I got my miracle. The feeling of freedom is GREAT. Like nothing that can be explained. You will feel like a brand new person and happier despite your loss. I wish you the best in life and hope you receive it. Best wishes.

Oct 12, 2013
I feel your pain
by: Gina

I was 15 years old when I found my mother dead on the floor this story has touch me I came home from school and I saw her feet I said mom? Mom? No answer so i went in to my room to leave my books I took a look at her body laying there her face was so purple her lips were so blue and she was cold! I cry n cry I call 911 they said she died of a heart attack :( it's been 24 years and I'm so hurt I feel so tramatist from her death I miss her and wish she was here with me now I use to drink to forget n kill my pain now I pray for her soul n feel better when I talk about it sorry for your lost an glad to be in this website sharing my thoughts an feelings! So sorry for your loss I hope God here's our prayers n help us with our pain In our hearts.

Aug 01, 2013
My worst nightmare come true
by: Doreen U.K.

Ishmael I am so sorry for your loss of your mom to a heart attack. You sound as if you are very young. Who is caring for you and your brothers and sister? How old are you? It is important that all of your are being cared for in a good way. You all will need a lot of support and care for a long time.
Your mom seems to have been working hard to care for her family. This is the saddest loss at a time when a mom leaves her children suddenly. I hope that you are all coping and that you will get the support you need.
Please write back and let us know how everything is for you all as a family at the moment.

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