My younger dog killed my older ... How do you get over something like this!?

by Carrie

I had to put my 11 year old boxer down 2 days ago. We came home to find her laying on the floor ripped up from our 4 year old boxer. It looked like something out of a horror story. I am so devastated I can't stop crying. How do you get through this ? How do you not hate the other dog? Liza the younger boxer is a sweetheart but she only had a few punter wounds poor Lola the older boxer was so damaged. I feel so guilty ..they had gotten into it a few times in the past years but that was only outside so I stopped putting them out together. When inside they would sleep together and lay next to each other. I need to pull it together for my husband and children but I can't stop thinking about the scene and then holding her when the vet put her down. She was such an amazing dog. She had always been there during the years , when I would cry she would snuggle up to me to make me feel better. I miss her so much!!! she did not deserve an end like this ! The pain I'm feeling and guilt is massive. :( :(

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Apr 12, 2014
Sorry for the suffering
by: Anonymous

I just read your post, and I just wanted to say my thoughts and prayers go out for you and your family during this shocking tragedy. I am a true dog lover. I had a Golden Retriever for 13 years who died with cancer. I was devastated. I can't even begin to imagine the pain you are going through. I know you have very mixed emotions about the other dog now. Take some time to grieve for yourself, that is very important. My best wishes for the future and the feelings you have to deal with toward the other dog. Sincerely, Angie, Chattanooga TN.

Apr 02, 2014
Great dean kills my chihuahua
by: Anonymous

I just had my chihuahua killed by a great dean Saturday the 30th it hurts so bad got him cremated and brought him home I cry every day he was such a sweetheart he would follow me everywhere he would sleep in my room what do I do and I saw the dog kill him told my husband and I scream telling that he was killing my baby how do I get past this please tell me.can not work i promise my baby that I would not get another baby.

Mar 23, 2014
You will never get over it but it will hurt a little less as time goes by
by: GGrandma Jean

MY HUSBAND DIED 22 months ago. This dog was Justin a group of several dogs we loved. Well I gave them all away even Frosty and heard they were going to sell him in Mexico. I got him back he drank water for 5 minutes without stopping and he hasn't left my side for over a year. When he goes to sleep at night in my bed I massage his back and when I stop he takes his paw and grabs my hand and he wants more massaging. He is passed 20 years old and each day I think will be his last..I am trying to prepare myself but I don't know what I will do without him. I no longer have my home or my car so 80 and loving this little poodle too much any advice what to do to get ready for the end? I am a Christian and I believe God has a place for animals maybe we will be with them someday..also I see people being real mean to animals it breaks my heart.

Mar 18, 2014
my german shepherd buffy
by: with deepest sympathy

I am so sad for you all and your loving pets. I had to put my german shepherd down just 10 days before her 15th bday,9/2/13. She was so loving and loyal to us and my cat. We had to keep her inside and when we took her out to the bathroom or for any reason, she had to be muzzled and unleashed. She would attack anything that came into our yard and would attack people if we were with her outside. Would literally crawl up our high wooden fence that was enclosed to allow her to go outside. So the fence was for nothing. She saw herself as our protector but particularly me. She is the most intelligent dog that I have ever had or been around. She was about 2 years old before any of this aggressive behavior started. We couldn't even answer our door without locking her in another room. We loved her and just couldn't put her down and she could have never been rehired plus, she was our child and she and the cat slept with us. My advice is to never ever have another dog if you own a GS or really any other aggressive dog. She didn't just attack, she would have killed but the biggest most docile baby with us. And for anyone with a "pack" of dogs, most of the time it will not end well even with multiple little dogs all the same size. They will hunt like a pack of wild dogs and gang up on the weakest and in many cases the dominant and alphas will take out the weaker ones one at a time. I have seen it happen with a mother and dad Jack Russell's and all litter of puppies were kept and these dogs also would attack anything and anyone that went into the yard where they lived. I know because I as one of the people attacked and these people are friends of mine. After I was attacked, one of my son's 12 year old friends was attacked and tendons and muscle were torn from his legs and he was hospitalized and had to have several surgeries. There were even more attacks after this. I am an animal lover and strongly urge anyone with an aggressive dog to make that one an only child as long as it is living. You just never know what they can and will do to other dogs and even people. It is so important to be well educated and informed about the dog you are considering taking into your home and to be very aware and responsible. Good luck to you all and your pets.

Mar 09, 2014
Healthy dog packs
by: Living & Learning

To all you lovely animal lovers who've had a pet killed by another pet: We came really close to that same thing happening years ago, but the little, older dog did recover from her wounds. The younger, bigger dog attacked her two other times, and then...we never allowed them to be in the same room again. We spent ten years living with those two dogs always in separate rooms, and it was only a 4 room house. We knew it had to be that way to keep the smaller one safe.
One thing I can tell all of you after having had multiple dogs for the past 40 years...two dogs is the best amount to have; a male and female together is usually better than 2 males or 2 females together; and the BEST combo ever was when we got male and female littermates (a brother and sister). That was true harmony in our 'dog pack' and family, and there's never been another pack as peaceful.
We've gotten almost all our dogs from the shelter or dog pound. Some of them have been lovely, some have had behavior problems. None of us 'pet parents' are perfect and neither are our pets. We can make mistakes, all of us do. I still can't believe how bad a pet parent I was the first dog I had. Forty years later, I'm still learning something new and better. For those who feel guilt...I hear you. It's hard! Maybe you did something wrong, or maybe it's just the 'law of the wild'. Each circumstance is unique, so live and learn.
It's really hard to civilize one dog to live by human laws, much less 2 or 3 or 4 dogs. ALOT of dogs have STRONG prey instincts, and cannot safely be with a cat or rabbit or small dog unless raised from babyhood TOGETHER. I never would take the chance though I've always longed to have a cat. I just wouldn't take the chance because I've always had big dogs. One day I will find a way to get a puppy and kitten at the same time, when I have no other pets in my home and then I will have my 'dream team'.
You all, please forgive yourselves and the offending dog(s). From here on out be SMART and CAREFUL. For the girl whose mom chose the dog over her, God bless you, dear one. Let her go. You don't have to see her or her dog. Forgive, forgive, forgive, so you can be free of the pain. Take care of yourself. Love to you all.

Dec 16, 2013
My Dog and Rabbit I thaught were friends
by: Anonymous

I think my dog had to do with my precious rabbit dying. We moved him from the front, cause someone stole his wood shavings that were right next to his cage,and I didn't want him getting stolen next. I had my rabbit called lucky 3 yrs. and my dog about the same, the rabbit seemed to handle the dog like a champ, and the dog wouldn't hurt him, still not sure what it was, but my rabbit was let out of his cage, and my dog had to be on a leash when let out to go out back to go to the bathroom. This day, I saw my rabbit wasn't in the cage, and I let the dog go anyways cause they always did a little chase thing, and my rabbit was always tough enough to handle it, but when he ran this time, his cage door was not open for him, for the first time ever,(cause it was my son who let him out this time) and he took off the other direction, witch, the dog didn't get him, but he got out of reach and I noticed he seemed different, so I went over to him and tryed to calm him, but I could tell he was really scared, like he might die on me, but I kept him in my arms and pet him and told him I loved him, and everything was O.k. Well I did this for about 1/2 hr. and he still seemed like something wasn't right his breathing was slower. Anyways I had an appt. to take him to get his toenails clipped that day, so I took him about and hour after the chase, and the whole way he seemed sad, and I was asking him are you O.K.??? His eyes looked sad, like he was trying to say No. When I got to the vet, it was my first time there cause I just moved so they said I couldn't go in, which I really wanted to , so I asked if I could, the girl said let me check, and came back and told me he was fine and they were almost done. But in about 10 min. they asked who has the rabbit? I said I do. They put me in an empty room, and the Doctor came and told me my rabbit died. I still feel no closure to what may have happened, or if I could have stopped it, by not taking him in that day, cause he was obviosly still stressed. I'm sooooo sad, I loved my rabbit, he was the coolest, and he seemed soooo happy, and I always said he made me hoppy..I Wish that day never happened. but it did, and I feel, I failed as a rabbit lover, trying to friend him with my dog. I thaught I would be keeping my rabbit a long long time, and I'm still not over the fact he's gone.

Dec 14, 2013
my German shepherd murdered my girl
by: Jim

We walked into the animal shelter and I was running a pretty high fever. I'd just returned from China and picked up something that no westerner had been exposed to. The shelter brought out dog after dog which I rejected my sickness had no time and waved them away. The last dog was named Lolli and I later learned they almost put her down because she was too skittish. She walked up to me, sat at my feet and looked me in the eyes. I said "Thats the one" and lurched to the car ready to pass out from fever and headed home. When we finally got her (county bureaucracy) you realized there was something special with Lolli. She loved, and I mean loved, the fact we got her out of the shelter. She wanted to do the right thing all the time. If you needed a dog to chase a ball she was that dog. If you wanted to chill and cuddle with a dog she was that dog. At night when you were cold she would snuggle in to make sure you were warm. When you were teaching her a trick you realized it was the teacher not the student lacking. She was unquestioningly the best dog I have ever seen.

A few months ago driving home I almost hit a beautiful German Shepard. I spun around and tricked her into the car so I could "rescue" her. She had obviously been abused and neglected and needed some TLC. She didn't work out at a couple of homes we tried to place her so I resigned myself that she was now a permanent member of the Richardson family. Sheila had always been "interested" in Lolli. I thought from a mother/puppy perspective because Sheila was about 3 times bigger than Lollie. I was wrong.

I got a call from my wife that the dog walker found Lolli killed in the living room. It was obvious Sheila killed her. There is no need to go into details.

My over whelming burden is that I let this happen. It was clear in hindsight Sheila tried to control Lolli too much. It was clear Sheila was overly aggressive. Yet I didn't really think Sheila would kill Lolli. It actually didn't enter my brain that it was a possibility. Worst case, I come home one day and Lolli has a bit mark on her. If that happened I was ready to let Sheila go to the shelter since we tried so hard to find her a home. But instead I find the body of my best friend cold and lifeless.

I'm sorry.

Nov 25, 2013
My precious Bernie
by: Anonymous

We lost Bernie, our 14yo male dachshund, to an incident with our 4yo female Beagle. We have 2 other male dachshunds as well, one is 14 & the other is 6. Bernie considered himself the alpha of the group. We got the beagle because the 2 older dachshunds weren't interested in the energy & playfulness of the younger dachshund. The beagle & the 6yo were best buds! Over time Bernie started to growl & show his teeth when the beagle would get near him. Bernie would take "cheap shots" at the beagle. It seemed whenever there was "excitement" Bernie would try to attack the beagle. We had an incident last year where the beagle got Bernie by the neck. Bernie had some neck wounds but nothing major. We hoped that this would settle down Bernie's aggressive behavior. In the spring we found out we were relocating & put our house up for sale. We have a barn that had an office that was climate controlled, it was the perfect place for the dogs to stay after replacing the flooring. We have lived in our house for 17 years & have had 7 dogs over that period of time. We always used crates when bringing dogs into our household but they got where crates weren't necessary. They were not crated in the barn. One evening after going out to dinner, I returned home to find Bernie lying dead on the floor & it looked like a massacre had occurred. I don't know if I will ever not have this visual in my head. It was like one of my children had been murdered & I came home to find them that way. We never had children so the dogs are our kids. I know in my heart that the beagle was only defending herself from one of Bernie's aggressive attacks & instinct took over for her. After doing alot of research online it is not uncommon for the younger, stronger dog to take out the older, weaker dog. We aren't upset with the beagle, we know she was only defending herself from Bernie's aggressive behavior, she will stay in our household & be loved unconditionally like the love she gives to us. I have found wounds on her & the nature of them I know she didn't start the fight with Bernie. There is a hole in my heart, Bernie's life should not have ended so tragically! Being a dachshund he slipped a disc in his back& was paralyzed on his right side for close to 4 months at the beginning of 2012. The vet said he was a miracle to have recovered the way he did. I know that time will lessen the pain & the visual in my head, but today I am sick with grief & feel like a part of my heart has been torn out. We rescued Bernie when he was appx. 2yo & he was in our family for 12 years. I know he had a few good more years in him, but that wasn't meant to be. All of our dogs are rescues& we will continue to be a forever home to our 3 dogs& to other dogs in the future. We will love our precious Bernie forever & miss him greatly. It is up to us to protect our dogs & not put them in harms way. This horrible experience has taught us how to be better parents in the future.
RIP Bernie 2001-11/21/2013

Nov 20, 2013
Hugs to each of you
by: Anonymous

It's been six months since my shepherd killed the puppies. I still feel the guilt and remorse on almost a daily basis. It's been a struggle to move past this, as many of you can understand. Now I worry about her with my older dog. They have scuffled a few times but nothing I have ever worried about- typically over food. I have learned to only feed them while supervised and on separate rooms. I think I may be separating them by different rooms while I am gone- better safe than sorry.

Nov 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

I am going thru the same grief.My franc choc minpin she was almost 17 and we were at our camp and all morning I kept telling the couple of people that were there make sure the door was shut tight but someone was careless and Franc got out and being blind and deaf she got down to the lake an drowned.I cry every night and the fact is she is gone and there is nothing I can do to change that.Time heals...Dee

Nov 09, 2013
my cat killed infront of me
by: robyn

yesterday my cat got out of the pen and my three dogs got her and mauled her to death I tried to stop them but they wouldn't let her go.when they did I picked her up she looked at me and died in my arms.i got her Christmas time three years ago I named her noel I know god gave her to me .she got to have two litters of kittens I kept they are beautiful but now they have no mother.i have video of her I look at and tears run down my face .my dogs killed 5 other cats I had and I stil kept them why did I make this mistake .I should have given them away then my baby now would still be alive heart is so broken I look at the video and the tears wont stop falling
heart broken in Ocklawaha fl
noel my beautiful calico cat November 8 2013 dead

Nov 07, 2013
Going through same tragedy
by: Anonymous

My friend found this forum for me, and I've had tears rolling down my face reading all your stories, yet I don't feel so alone now. Last night I was having dinner at my home with a friend, and I let my 6 year old Rottweiler, and two 6 year old poms out in the backyard, as usual, and our 13 year old cat went with she has done hundreds of times for 6 years now. She was part of their pack. I heard nothing, but went to let them in about 20 minutes later.. Opened the door to see my dead bloodied cat laying there. I screamed. My neighbor across from me was upstairs with her wi down open, and it yelled up and asked her if she saw what happened. She told me it was the Rottweiler..she had the cat pinned down and the neighbor thought they were playing. I asked if the poms had anything to do with it, and she said not that she had seen, they were standing there barking. We had taken this dog through training sessions...she never showed aggression like is. This is our second rottie. Our first we had for 9 years until he passed from cancer. It makes me sick to look at her now. I have a 3 year old and I simply cannot trust her around my child now. If she snapped like this on a cat she has cuddled with before, she could snap on my child. I'm hoping I can find a good, loving home for her, with no animals or small children. I feel so guilty, my kitty had been with me for 13 years, then I bring a dog into the home that takes her life in such a horrible way. I blame myself. The poms had blood on them, and I don't know if it's from them sniffing her, or God forbid, what if they were part of the attack?? I feel so depressed and down and don't know how I will feel "right" again. I cannot get the horrific scene out of my head. I feel for all of you posting. Such a horrible thing to go through.

Nov 07, 2013
Loving and protecting
by: Broken heart

Hi yesturday. My dog got off to his lead and killed my little Betty.pigmy goat of won I loved so deeply like a little heart aches I sob uncontrollably. I had to put my dog down I truer to place him.without prevail.2 months ago he killed my Helen a deaf older cat.but this dog was the most living dog you would ever people and other dogs..the vet couldn't believe this.98lb dog was ever a heart aches I know he is running on the rainbow bridge with Helen and Betty.and I will see them someday living in harmony.may your hearts be filled with love and sadness tremoved. Adams in n.c

Oct 26, 2013
My dog killed my little dog...
by: Katie

Sometimes, in our love for animals, we put together dogs or cats that can't get along or are vulnerable due to their sizes.

They are animals, big dogs have prey drive and apparently some small dogs do too.

Can we blame animals for doing what they are programmed to do? Not really. Can we train it out of them? Rarely.

Accept what has happened. Do not file your dogs teeth down, that would accomplish nothing. If you can't bond with the dog, re-home him. He only has one life too. When we rescue them it's to give them a better life. However, we can't plan for every thing, but, crates are a godsend.

I know that you are horrified and traumatized. I was too. Time has passed and we have all healed here and you will as well. It takes time. Take the dog for a good, long, walk. Walk until you don't think that you can walk anymore. You both need to be exhausted. Then get some rest, you have to look after your health too.

I'm sorry that something like this would happen to anyone. I only realized how often this happens after reading this web site. I guess we all have to learn and apparently learning hurts.

Take care, love your animals and be careful.

Oct 26, 2013
I am feeling the pain
by: cmhartley

I can so relate to all of your stories. Last Saturday my Rottweiler mix brutally attacked my sweet little dog. Although we did everything we could she died. I now am having to face the agonizing decision to euthanize my Rott mix for a lot of reasons. My husband and I have exhausted every resource yet still cannot come up with another solution. I am a veterinarian and so I certainly have networked with everyone I know including a behaviorist that we had previously taken her to. I even thought about filing down her teeth with a vet dentist. What makes all of this even worse is that I have stage IV cancer and have to take into consideration my health also. We have put so much time, love and energy into the Rott mix and now we feel like failures. I too suffer tremendous guilt for making the fatal mistake leading to all of this. And my heart is absolutely shattered at losing my little girl who I always referred to as my little guardian angel. I know life will go on and we will get past this bit for now it just hurts so bad!

Oct 04, 2013
my dogs killed my 15 year old cat today
by: Anonymous

my Rottweiler and my pitbull killed the little black kitty tonight and I know it was my fault. Both of my dogs are very good girls but their play turned deadly. My dad has a tiny dog and when my dad dies (he is very ill) he wanted me to take his dog. I don't know what to do because I can't promise that I can protect him. I am heart broken.

Oct 03, 2013
Update on my younger dog killed my older dog
by: Katie

Well, it has now been three months since Honey was killed. I was so distraught that I wanted to put my Sarge down. It took all of my self control to not put him straight into the truck for a Vet visit.
But, I didn't.

My dogs have reformed a pack and are doing well. It was a long time before I could pet or hug them like I used to. Except for the two youngest dogs who were traumatized.

I got out my training leads, went back to NILIF. Nothing in life is free and started putting the dogs through their paces every morning. They responded as German Shepherds do. They threw themselves into their training and are all very sharp right now.

As time passed and Sarge would come to me as he used to for pets and alone time I realized that they were just dogs. I rescued them because I loved the breed and when you rescue you promise them a forever home. My dogs will live their lives out with me.

I will never know the truth of what happened that day. I did find religious tracts from Jehovah's Witnesses on my table on the porch. I believe that they came through my gate, across my yard in order to leave their, oh so important pamphlets for me.

I found terrible scratches on my window sills made by the dogs as they struggled to "get" to the intruders. I believe that the dogs were incensed by strangers standing on their porch and one thing led to another, perhaps a shove or a growl at each other that broke into a dog fight.

I'm not saying that this is correct behavior for dogs but, at least it is understandable. I have had problems with the Jehovah's before and had warned them off my property. This would have been the second time that they had come through my gate. If I had ever thought that this could happen I never would have left the house that day.

However you can't second guess yourself. I just wanted you all to know that things have calmed down. I have not exactly forgiven them but I have accepted what happened and am trying to move on.

I have wonderful dogs. Each and every one of them is special in their own way. I miss Honey every day and she was a real gem. I'm terribly sorry that her life had to end that way, instead of in my arms. But, it didn't happen that way.

Dogs are dogs and sometimes we forget that in our complacency. I would never put a cat within range of any of my dogs. I know better. I have brought dogs into my pack that didn't fit and I had to re-home them. But when I keep them, they fit as long as there are no extraneous problems that I can't foresee.

What happened was a tragedy but I have four more dogs to care for and I will. Life goes on.

Thank you all so much for your support. Sometimes you just have to talk something like this out.

Oct 03, 2013
Random dog killed my kitten :(
by: Anonymous

today a stray dog showed up in my yard. I know they say never mess with strays but it was just so beautiful. I was a black dog with one baby blue eye and one brown eye. Being an animal lover i didn't want to push it away so i went outside and i was playing with it and petting it and everything was going good and it seemed like a friendly dog...till it seen my 3 5 month old kittens. Without any warning it jumped up and grabbed one of my kittens and started shaking it around with its mouth. I managed to finally make the dog drop it but it was too late. I watched as the kitten looked at me and meowed then died. I felt so helpless!! I can't the image out of my head of that kitten meowing at me for help and me being so helpless and not knowing what to do. It's an image that's going to haunt me forever! How do I get over this? oh and no i didn't keep the dog!

Sep 30, 2013
My younger dog killed my older dog
by: alyurpal

I too have been through this experience. We mistakenly got a new puppy when my senior dog a lab/aussie mix was 13 1/2 years old.

Kirby our older female was never overly social with other dogs. She was highly intelligent, well behaved and just never seemed interested in dog relationships. When we brought Daisy the pup into the house she rejected her. Daisy would go over and lay next to her and Kirby would get up and run immediately.

As the next year progressed Kirby our older dog growled when Daisy walked her way. It wasn't long before Daisy started growling back. I kept them separated when I left when I left for more than a few minutes. One evening I had to run my son about 5 minutes from the house, returned to a family in distress. Kirby was unconscious blood was everywhere, and Daisy was covered in blood.

Kirby died as a result of the altercation. It was a combination of age, and injury. I liken it to a 15 year old fighting a 105 year old as Kirby was 15+ at the time.

I blame myself. I had no idea that female dogs often times don't do well together. I also didn't realize that dogs would look to put a weaker pack mate out of commission. I did not reject my younger dog after the incident. I knew Kirby was provoking her w/her growls. I blame myself for being uneducated and creating this situation. FYI - no other dogs in my house besides this one. What an awful heartbreaking lesson to learn.

Sep 28, 2013
Miniature poodle mauls toy poodle.
by: Anonymous

Reading these posts has been so helpful to me. There seem to be two recurring themes - larger dog attacks smaller dog and the dogs being unsupervised. Yesterday I left my miniature poodle and my toy poodle shut in a stable whilst I went out for a ride on my horse, as I have done for four years with no incident. I returned to find the toy poodle unconscious on the floor and covered in blood. I thought he was dead. Horrific! I rushed him to the vet and it looks as if he will be ok. He has twenty puncture wounds on his neck and chest but as the other dog is not very large, he is fortunate not to have anything worse. From reading all the accounts on this webpage it appears that it is part of dog behaviour that could happen at any time to anyone. Just because it has not happened yet does not mean that it wont happen tomorrow.

It is hard not to reject the offending dog. I shall have to see how the toy poodle reacts to the miniature poodle, when he comes home. But I shall never leave them together unsupervised again. I have bought a muzzle for the miniature poodle and he will wear it whenever they are alone together - or I shall put him in a crate if I feel that the muzzle might come off. Clearly any two or more dogs of any breed left together is a tragedy waiting to happen.

I feel so sorry for those of you whose dogs died. It is bad enough remembering the awful scene of my lovely little dog lying like a discarded bloody rag on the floor, when he has survived (so far). If he had been dead it would be unbearably traumatic. I hope you can recover and really - do not blame yourselves.

Sep 17, 2013
German Sherpherds
by: Anonymous

Nothing I could think of to write can take away your pain and I really feel sorry for that. Please remember one thing; often german shepherds behave in strange way, meaning, playing friendly or at least being non-aggressive at first sight and then within 1 sec attack without any reason/warning, at least that's what we human think. Most of the time when they attack it's because there's they feel that there is a high chance of winning the fight due to the physical conditions, age or soft character of the other dog. I've had similar but less devastating problems with my dog Andor, a lovely male Hovawart, now 9 yrs. old. His growing process was immensely fast with some negative results: While he has always been a very friendly dog, G.S.'s dogs are on his black list. When he was between 4 and 15 months he had been attacked many times by G.S.'s. Due to his size they were respectful and even intimidated when he approached them for the 1st time, but as soon as they discovered his non-aggressive character and smelled his puppy scent due to his young age, they immediately went aggressive and attacked him within 1 second. It's something genetic that you have to be aware of. The dogs really can't help it. There are humans that behave like this and you can't do anything about them either. Somewhere in the pedigree line, something went wrong while breeders/owners did/do not want to change anything. Just try to avoid confrontations without reacting to extreme. Otherwise they want to see what kind of dog you have on the leash. Even the "friendly" types can (often will) switch during play-time in a blink of an eye without you seeing it coming. Owners should be aware of this characteristic behaviour of their dogs but it seems like they get used to it after a while won't mind. All the best. Peter

Sep 02, 2013
Kitten and Puppy killed by our dog
by: DogChosenOverMe

I am still plagued by the dog's actions. She is a 4yr collie x sheperd mix, well trained in obedience commands etc, but her actions to other animals is unforgiving. In the past she has bitten our other dog (7yrs),our cats and neighbours dogs etc. It is extremely sudden when it happens, and we always reprimanded her and tried to "authoritate our dominance". Well one afternoon I came home to our screaming puppy we had for 2 weeks. She had bitten the puppy so hard to the head that it suffered severe brain damage and lost his eye. We had to put him down :( That constantly played back in my mind, how I found him. Anyway, two years later we decided to get a kitten, and introduced them slowly. She was with us for about a week in which I never left her out of my sight. The sheperd mix attacked the kitten, again a blow to the head. I was there when it happened. I saw everything and held the kitten as she died in my arms. I think I am now in some way traumatized. I asked my mother to please re-home that dog to another house with no pets. She responded by telling me to leave the house if I'm unhappy, So I have. What can I do? There are other dogs/cats still in that house in danger! My mother insists that she needs the dog for "safety purposes". She chose a dog over me, a temperamental untrustworthy animal over her daughter. It has been a month now, and we speak now and then, although the talks are short. She assumes I'll get over this with time. I probably will, but I cannot forgive what has been done. I remember the kitten incident every single day. It plays back in my cursed photographic memory. I don't know what to do. My other family and friends are sympathetic, but they don't truly know the extent of the damage this has caused me. I feel it is my fault for letting that sweet, innocent kitten out of my sight for a second. The greatest problem is that the dog never warns, she just attacks straight to the head. I would understand if it was food aggression or if she growled and the kitten pushed her too far etc. But nothing. The kitten walked right past her without a care in the world and died within a few minutes as a result. I hate that dog now. I cannot be around it. When I packed my clothes, I needed my Fiance to keep her away from me as I get anxiety attacks around her. I feel my mother has done the worst possible thing by keeping that animal when she has other pets, and by not comforting her daughter when it is clearly needed. Sorry for the long post, but any help?

Aug 12, 2013
My male Shepherd killed my older female Shepherd
by: Katie

I have always had a pack of dogs. I had the ability and the resources to rescue dogs, so I did.

I've had as many as six males and no problems and considered myself an experienced German Shepherd owner. In recent years I added two females and two males to the mix with my oldest girl, Honey. The rest of the pack that Honey had belonged to had all passed on. She was 13 and a half years old. And she was wonderful. I could take her anywhere.

Two weeks ago I came home to Honey dead on my dining room floor. She was killed by my oldest male, who was eight and by another female who was also eight. However, I know it was Sarge who did the most damage.

I want to put him down. I no longer trust him to live with us in harmony. I can't bear to touch him. I just want him gone and I fear for the others. I am so heartbroken and distraught. I just want to do the right thing. And I have three other little lives to look after.

Am I wrong to think like this? I've worked with this dog for years. He has had so many problems and we worked through them. He has had a great life with me. I even bought my house because it was so perfect for my dogs. I love them and I want them safe. And to tell the truth, I want him gone.

Aug 08, 2013
What to do
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for this opinion, but I would not have kept the dogs because of that aggressive attack. I also believe that it is too late to punish them. They will not understand why or be able to connect it to the killing of the third dog. I am sorry for your loss. I can see the advantage of being able to see a video of what happened and not having to wonder. But also it must have been terrible to watch it :( Good luck with everything!

Aug 08, 2013
Dog behavioral specialist
by: Lea

Hello, I am the person whose dog killed the penned puppies. I have since started her in one to one classes with myself and a dog behaviorist. He told me that 1. She cannot be left alone with unfamiliar dogs or other pets. 2. Once they kill its hard to come back from that behavior. My dog killed rabbits, squirrels etc...before she killed the puppies. 3. I must must must assert my dominance on her. We have completed extreme behavior modification. 4. We will ALWAYS need to keep reassertion ourselves and watching her. 5. My dogs father was a dog that killed animals. i did not know this and this behavior tends to run in families. In the future all my dogs will begin training as puppies. Right now we work EVERY day to keep our dog obedient, She is worth it and I love her.

Aug 07, 2013
What to do after your dogs killed your other dog?
by: Mypetjustkilledmyotherpet

We have 3 female dogs: 6 yrs old Daschund, 2 yrs old American Bulldog and 2.5 yrs old Golden retriever mixed with local breed. For 4months now, we let them loose unlike months before that the mixed is always caged up, the AmBull is routinely unleashed but the daschund is always unleashed. In those 4 months, it was thrice that the younger dogs fought have wounded her but there are all of times where we would see them pin down the daschund and growl but we always break it up nefore it gets worse and punish the dogs by hutting them mildly on the nose. Also, in these times, the daschund would shiver everytime the other two dogs came near and she would just hide under the car or short chair. We thought it was jealousy but, we always make sure that the ambull was fed first and also pet enough either before or after we pet the others.
Thiis morning we found the daschund dead, she has wounds, peeled skin on the head and neck and deep bite mark on her shoulder and blood around her head. We have cctv and reviewed te tape, and we found out that they just attacked the daschund who was doing nothing who was resting. Two of the dogs gang up on her and dragged her for 5 mins until she was not moving anymore. Also, the Ambull guarded the body an attacked my brother who wanted tocheck the dead body.
Its really sad, the daschund really quiet and sweet and so cuddly that we always carry it and hug it.
We dont know what to do with the dogs now, we want to punish them but not to the extent that they will get angry to us but to make them think that iwhat they did was not right. We are thinking of giving them to dog pounds. Any suggestions or professional advice?

Jul 01, 2013
To Susan
by: Anonymous


I am so sorry for your loss :( It has come to my knowledge that it is natural for dogs in a pack to sort out the sick and old ones. So maybe, since the other dog was old, it was this that happened. I wrote earlier in this thread, because our pug killed our chihuahua. The chihuahua was very sensitive and often ill. I was at the vets almost every month. So maybe dogs sometimes understand when it should be time for another dog in the pack. Even better than humans. But of course there are also kills because of aggression, competition or by accident/play. I hope you will recover soon.

Jun 30, 2013
Young golden retriever killed older dog
by: Susan

This thread was really helpful to me in my shock and anguish one month ago when our otherwise very sweet, docile 3 year old female golden retriever did this very thing. We came home from a normal bike rider to find our 19 year old, 7 pound terrier mix covered in blood. We thought she fell (she was very decrepit) or scraped up against something sharp under a bed but the vet told us that her injuries were bite marks consistent with the golden's jawspan. It has been a month of grieving our wonderful 20 year old Maddie, who gave us so much and met this horrible end. It has been very difficult for us to try to forgive the golden but we are getting there, slowly. She is as confused as we are.

Jun 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

I stumbled upon this site by accident. But I'm really glad that I did, because my ex-husband and I had four dogs. Two of them were pit bulls, one was a pit bull mix, and the other was a unique breed I won't name in case he sees this.

He had two of the pitbull's before we met, and we integrated my dog into the mix. His dogs would fight all the time! Then he adopted the pitbull mix without my permission and the fights got worse. He was physically disabled so I was stuck breaking up the fights between 3, sometime 4 dogs. We had to take them to a different vet almost every time and make up a story about how they got hurt. There were lots of stitches and antibiotics.

We've been divorced now for several years, I took my sweet unique dog with me. But every time I hear dogs growling or any animal at all sounding like it's in distress or fighting it makes me physically ill. I never considered that I might have PTSD from all of the witnessed fighting, and the breaking up of fights. I think I will mention it to my therapist and see what she thinks. I'm glad I'm not alone.

May 06, 2013
by: Lora

We were fostering two puppies and my German shepherd females broke into their crate and killed them. My son was home but in his room (he is 18). My daughter and I were gone less than 30 minutes. We had had the puppies for over 1 1/2 weeks and I had worked, shopped etc.... For hours away from the home. Now I am guilt ridden and heart broke. Angry and miserable. My mind keeps coming back to the sweet puppies and then their brutal death. I feel like it will never get better.

Apr 24, 2013
Rehomed my boxer yesterday
by: Gill

Oh I feel so sad for you, cannot imagine how awful this must be. I had two boxer females - thirteen and two. The younger one has dominant tendencies but most of the time they are the best of friends. Recently, though, I felt that Lily was bullying Daisy, the older one and has 'gone' for her a couple of times - I think it was just noise, really, but she has jumped on Daisy whose legs just give way and Lily ends up growling and snarling on top of her. I really did not know what to do but yesterday I asked my dog trainer to work with her and find her a home with more experienced owners who can deal with a dominant dog. I have been in tears and hoping I have done the right thing. All these awful stories have shown me that my decision is right and it just was not worth the risk to try to keep them together.... My thoughts are with you all.

Apr 20, 2013
Help :'(
by: Anonymous

I have always worked in the veterinary field. I had two dogs, a12 year old jack Russell and a 2 year old Irish setter/ boxer mix. They have been best friends in the year I have had the boxer mix. The JRT has been with me all 12 years. Not a single fight, grumble or issue. Not once. I travel for work, they go with me and are kenneled together daily.
Yesterday, they were only in the kennel an hour. When I went to leave work with them, my JRT was lying dead with multiple neck bites. The JRT was in congestive heart failure, though medicated had been declining. My vets tell me the boxer most likely saw the JRT in a seizure it cardiac arrest and instinctively grabbed him. I know this can happen, but right now I just blame the younger dog, and myself. Help :'( it is already hard enough to say good bye, but add the final bloody image and now still having the dog I can't help but blame.

Apr 19, 2013
How could this happen???
by: Anonymous

Devasted is how i feel! Anger, hate, distrust, guilt, saddness to name a few emotions i am experiencing. My heartbreak began only 2 days ago.. So im a mess. I came home for lunch and found my 11 year old girl Tootsie who was a collie mix, lying breathless with blood surrounding her. My white and black pitbill mix was covered in blood. The horror set in! He had done this to my girl.. my companion who had been through so much with me! My husband and i saved him 4 months ago from the kill shelter.. He was such a loving boy! They got along so well.. My Tootsie so tolerant. I also have 4 cats who he was so good with! Im in shock and feel like it is my fault for not keeping them seperate! What we think happened was a ups delivery came and there was a scuffle at the door that turned into the fatal bite. The vet called this reverse aggression.. And that it was an "accident" i dont know if i can ever love him again!!! Trust h?? My cats Safety??Our baby?? So confused! Wish i could turn back the hands of time!

Apr 04, 2013
I relive a similar situation everyday.
by: Anonymous

I walked into my house after work one day. My girl, Pekingese mix, greeted me. My boy, Pekingese and half my girl's size, did not greet me. When I called for him, he still didn't come. As I turned the corner into the living room, I saw blood everywhere, smeared on every wall, carpet drenched. I screamed for him, started turning over furniture. I turned around at one point and there he was. He was standing there with his eye dragging on the floor, tendons shredded. I almost fainted, I have never experienced such adrenaline or panic in my life. My girl had attacked him at some point during the day. I believe it happened because the mailman attempted to deliver a package.

He had surgery and is ok today, but not a day has gone by that I don't relive those moments. I certainly have Post Traumatic Stress.

I'm sorry for what you went through. I know the guilt and pain you're feeling. Hang in there.

Mar 29, 2013
Dog Family Destroyed?
by: Anonymous

"Highly trained" and "wolf hybrid" are opposing terms... It's no wonder this happened.

Mar 25, 2013
Carrie, please contact me
by: Ashleigh

Hi Carrie,

My family is going through a similar tragedy right now. Our 3 year old scottie went after our 13 year old westie over the weekend when no one was home. I no longer live at home, so I did not see the horrible scene, but my parents are having a really hard time. They don't know what to do with Duff (the scottie). I was wondering if you would be so kind as to contact them and share any words of wisdom. My email is

Thank you

Mar 21, 2013
don't know what to do
by: devastated

I'Ve grown up with dogs all my life. up until this past December I loved with my mother, my daughter, and our 6 dogs. All of whom got along very well. they were all inside dogs. I have two older dogs(Shepard terrier mixs) a Whipple mix, a weenie dog, and two younger dogs who are Pomeranian weenie mixes.(forgot how to spell.the proper name for weenie dogs). Well last March my moms new bf moved into our house and since then so much has changed.. Our dogs used to be inside/outside dogs. After about 5 months of my moms bf living with us, he and my mom had a separate room in the back of our house built got the dogs to live, it had air conditioning and heating and a doggie door for them to come in and out as they please. I didn't want them to be segregated but I really had no say in the matter. 4 months after the dogs were living in their room, I had to move out of my moms due to the stress and issues that came with him moving in and all the changes that were happening. Shortly after I moved, my mother moved the dogs from their room to be outside completely. One of the little pom mixes started getting aggressive towards her playmates. More so towards the older full bred weenie. I knew it was stress from the changes. They all were stressed but more so her. Well yesterday I go to visit my mom and her bf is there. He goes outside to get a ladder for the ac guy who was gonna work on the house and comes back to tell me the weenie dog is dead and that my pom mixes did it. I lost it. I'm hysterical. My mom is hysterical. She blames me for not taking the pom mixes but I had no where to put themwhere I'm living now. She made me take them away. I don't know what to do with them. Only the pom who was the most stressed had blood on her but one of the other bigger dogs (shep mix) had blood as well. I don't know what to do. I'm so lost.

Feb 27, 2013
I remain heartbroken
by: Caz

Twenty months ago my sons young weimarner attacked my beautiful White boxer.... Again .... I may add...... And sadly he collapsed and died. I had another two boxers and the beast would periodically have a go at my other male I av had a lot of vet bills due o his aggression. My son made the decision to hav him put to sleep a night, we asked the RSPCA and a few other rescue places if they would take him in but they stated that if he was a fighter they could not rehome him. My boxer b***h had a litter of pups three months after Zack died to my Remainng dog Beau. I was so thrilled as there were White ones, I kept a White one , male, a red male for my daughter, an a red b***h, you can see e picture here , I have a pack. There is also a pug in the house that is my daughters too. My big fella , is ten and just lately his son, keeps attacking him and break out into a fight, he jumps on to his back and sinks his teeth in...... I am so frightened of the scenario that happened with Zack is going to repeat itself. Also the pug Gino is dominated by my oldest one, when beau snaps at him he runs and jumps on my Stan , my White boxer...... I think it is alfa male syndrome, they realise Beau is ageing and hey are trying to move up the ladder , but it scares me fo what happened to Zack. I am trying o show them that I am Alfa.... Wish me luck, thoughts or all of you that have had tragic losses, I know how it memory of Zack, always loved, my big White boy. Xxxxx

Feb 16, 2013
To Heartbroken
by: My lola

Dear Heartbroken<

I am crying reading your post.. really brings me back a year ago. Such heartbreak!!

I will say one thing to you... DONT make any harsh decisions on getting rid of your pug. I know that you are going through gut wrenching pain right now .

My other boxer who killed my my older boxer is sitting right next to me as I type . A year ago I wanted her gone I never wanted to see her again... and it was an aggressive fight. Like the vet said with your two it was possibly just some rough play and an accident. Your pug is is also heartbroken. I kept liza and so happy I did I know I would of never forgiven myself if I got rid of her.

I thought I would never forgive.. and trust me there are days that I just look at her and ask why? Keeping her helped me heal.. I know sounds crazy but she did. Please please please consider keeping your pug. You will only bring more heartbreak to yourself ( unless you know they will go to a great home and your pug will be happy)

Give yourself time to heal . Its not an easy road I spent alot of time on in the message board. Those people really got me through . I am so sorry this happend its one the worst things I have ever been through. prayers Carrie

Feb 16, 2013
Sad story about one pug and one chihuahua who were like sisters
by: Heartbroken

In our little family we had one pug and one chihuahua. The pug is 1 year and the chihuahua was 2 years. The other day I left them alone for a couple of hours. On my way home I stopped at the pet store to buy some candy and bones for our sweethearts. When I turned the key in the door lock I remember thinking that it was quiet. Normally the dogs always meet me in the hallway barking and wagging tails. But this day it was so quiet. Instantly I knew something was wrong. In the livingroom was the pug lying in the sofa. She looked at me, sad eyes and kind of ashamed, like she had broken something. She didn't jump down to say hello and barely wagged her tail. By now I felt kind of panic for not seeing or hearing the chihuahua. I took a few steps closer the sofa and then I noticed her, lying still on the floor. I called her name again, but no reaction. I touched her with my hand, but her body was kind of stiff. I couldn't believe she was dead. I just screamed and screamed. Her face was against the wall and I couldn't see it. But I noticed that she was blue under the fur on her head. I also noticed that she was wet behind her ear. I called the vet and rushed there, with the stiff chihuahua wrapped in a blanket. The autopsy showed that the pug had bitten the chihuahua over her head, not so hard, but hard enough to cause major bleeding around the brain. And probably not meaning to hurt her that much, since she most likely had been trying to wake her up by licking her. The vet told me that there probably would be more bitemarks and blood if it was an aggressive attack. This is such a tragic story and I feel for all of you sharing your stories. We could not see this coming since the dogs were like sisters. And I warn all of you who has small dogs to never mix them with bigger. Just one bite can be enough. Even if the dogs are friendly you just never know what can happen. My heart is forever broken by this and we have decided not to keep the pug, since she caused the death of the chihuahua. It is just too painful to be reminded of :(

Feb 02, 2013
Update to Corgis & Shepherd...
by: Anonymous

The Shepherd hybrid now turned on my husband and went after our Large Draft horse! He took her to the Vet/Pound and they said she was infected with something after being bitten by the stray. She also lost her mind! We had to put her down. So we are at 1 dog left that I SAW tearing up my old Corgi that passed. BUT her "join in" to fight did not issue the fatal blows that killed her. So I will try to forgive her but its hard. She and my cat were buddies but I dont trust her. Several Vet/dog people have told me that once they go through a trauma like this, they are changed forever. Keep them away from small pets or other dogs that may trigger a sort of "PTSD" attack. We all know our pets can be like people, so this makes sense. I am still angry the Animal Control would not pick up the stray that started this, and test for rabies! AND we had to bury it in our yard. Disgusted with our County Officials and the neglectful dog owner who never neutered or took care of the stray, he should have been an inside dog (Poodle). We lost a valuable and intelligent service dog for my Veteran husband, very sad!!

Feb 02, 2013
can relate
by: Anonymous

I just went through one of my dogs killing another. Heart broken still. I don't know what to do. Prayers to all of us that have suffered including our surviving pets.

Jan 30, 2013
Dog Family destroyed
by: Anonymous

We had 4 dogs, all females, 2 Corgis that were mine, and a highly trained service Dog Shepherd/Wolf Hybrid, and a young Coonhound that is my husband's.
We got up (Jan. 9, 13) Let them all out in the morning and within minutes heard a fight. We checked everyone, only the Service Dog had injuries, holes in her hind leg and paw, we treated her wounds, checked the others, no blood on them. Then we went inside while they finished exercising and going potty. Then another dog fight. The two big dogs were shaking what looked like a rag. No, it was the neighbors male, unfixed poodle, He was not cut, but was dying in my hands, they shook him to death. 3 days later, the 2 large dogs attacked my oldest Corgi, brutally killing her ( I HAD to put her down) They never fought before except the 2 large ones over a bone, once, no injuries. Now my remaining Corgi is hiding and growling at every move they make. I made a choice to send her to my friend, whom was a breeder and had her mother. I miss her, I cry every day for both of them. Why do my pets have to go, and the killers stay and continue to fight, now going after our barn cat, etc. The service dog is scared of us but had always snapped at our horses like a herding dog.

Jan 22, 2013
by: Anonymous

today ii came home from work and our 7 year old pitt killed our 3 1/2 year old cat. there,was blood all over the house. these 2 have always been inseparable since bringing home the cat. they eat sleep and played together. I dont know what happened and all I can do is cry. I have a min pin 2 yrs,old and another kitten that is a,rescue that is approx 6 months old and now I am worried that she will kill these animals too. I cant even look at her without crying and being disgusted. I know deep down its not her fault, and my husband said we will have to separate her,from other animals when were not home, understandably, but how do I get passed the fact she killed my cat. how do I luv her again when right now I hate her. we would take her to the dog park and she has never injured or played ruff with another animal. how can I trust her

Jan 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi Locket
I am so sorry!! It's such a tough situation . I think people forget that dogs are animals and for a lot of them it's there instinct to chase and kill unless they are raised with them and that's not always a given. I know my boxer Liza would probably kill a cat if she started chasing. ... But she doesn't with our cat ... But I would never test that . The cat we have if mainly outdoors and comes in to the warm basement at night. what if you helped out finding a home for this dog? Maybe Social network him and find friends who would take him . What saved us was a really good trainer. I went from a dog who occasionally listened to me to obey my every demand... I have people come up to me and say what a well trained dog I have... This is the dog that was in the fight. I will never trust her again alone with other dogs but she is amazing family dog . Trust your gut and if you feel that this dog is meant to be in your family then work with him. I am not going to lie its a pain when we leave to go out, having to separate the dogs but so worth it . I wish you luck !!! I truly believe a dog can be worked with if the time is put in :) Carrie

Jan 11, 2013
Pitbull mix killed neighbors cat
by: Anonymous

I rescued a male pit mix, 18 months old. I had him fixed and all shots. I have had him three months. My lab mix and he plays well. The other day I walked them down the street. The pit mix saw a cat, chased it down and killed it. My lab mix did not take part in the killing. My wife made me take him to the shelter. He has been there three weeks. The shelter is low kill but I still worry about him. My wife is afraid that he will kill our 14 year old cat. When the dog was here, the cat would not go outside. Since the dog has been gone, the cat has started going outside again. I want to get my dog back but I don't know how to convince my wife . Also, is it fair to our cat that we have had for 13 years? Do you think that the dog will eventually attack my lab mix? I feel guilty because I let the pit mix off his leash. Is it best to let the shelter rehome him in a house with no cats or should I try and talk my wife into letting me bring him home. Also, my wife say the dog kill the cat. I would like some advise. Thank you.LOCKET

Jan 11, 2013
So sorry
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry ... It's very hard to go through! Time does heal . I will always remember though. I don't think it's a wise idea to get another little dog. You were saying that the other dogs are too big and old to cuddle are you just saying this out of anger? ( which is understandable ) but when you are ready try loving on the big older dogs they need love to and it will help the healing process . You will always have to watch and when your away keep them separated.We decided it would not be right to add another dog. I focused on the dogs we had and got a trainer to come out. What I learned was i was not a pack leader and unfortunately it was that what caused Lola's death. I can now say that I am the pack leader . I wish I knew that before things would be different. Be kind to yourself and allow time to heal. Believe it or not what healed me was the help of Liza the other boxer. I hated her at first but time and love made me feel forgiveness . Good luck and I am so sorry!

Jan 08, 2013
by: KCL

Two of my dogs (3 yr old female Great Pyrenees and 6 year old male Golden Ret ) killed my 11 year old female chow shibu mix yesterday. The GP and my mix female have gotten into fights before but nothing like this. I was not home but it appeared that the male Golden was main aggressor. I don't know what to do with these two. I also have an elderly male shep chow mix that I am afraid will become the next victim. I want another smaller dog to cuddle with like I could with the one who died since my other dogs are too big or old. And I really don't even want to pet my GP and Golden. Any suggestions???

Dec 19, 2012
my pain
by: Anonymous

A few days ago my bigger dog killed my little Chihuahua now I cant even look at my other dog. I know it was an accident as he has never shown aggression but it does not matter to me my chili was everything to me he was my best friend in the world he was so much more to me than just a pet I just don't know if I will ever be able to get over this I feel so lost and numb I just want the pain to stop my wife is also devastated. I just feel numb like i just dot care weather i live or die it just hurts so much.

Dec 13, 2012
that happened less than a week ago
by: Anonymous

My 2 girl dogs were our family. We found Ladybyrd in 2000 abandoned at a movie theater with bladder issues, the sweetest dog, perfect and trust-able in every way, and Lucy we got 5 years a man was dragging her down the street in a dirty kennel. Both were about a year when we found them. Lady was a foxhound mix(so soft) and Lucy was a beautiful lovable pitbull. We trusted our dogs completely together. They always played so good together, never any signs of aggression, or posession. I was only susposed to watch my bad pet owner of a sisters dog for 2 mths, it turned into 3 plus I was picking up her son from school bc Max would act out if they didn't see him. This Jack russel terrior was very agressive and posessive of people(his owners), his things n area he was in. I was stressed out bc I didn't want him anymore and she's a very difficult person. Anyway Max was growling lately at Lucy everytime she went by my moms room where he was. I did notice Lucy getting jealous of him when my nephew came over. But never acted out. We went to the store maybe gone an hour,came home Lucy greeted us at the dog head down covered in blood, we put her in the garge and I imediately called for Lady, bc she is always behind lucy when we get home. My Lady had enough strength to get up and hobble to be. Her front rt leg was hanging and I could see bone and muscle. Ill never forget how she looked when I saw her :/. She also had a fresher wound on her other leg and top of her head. Her rt leg wasn't bleeding anymore. Max was ok covered in some blood but none arnd his mouth or face, my moms room was so horrible, so graphic, so bad. We rushed Lady to the emergency vet and she was so strong trying to sit up to be next to me. I held her as they put her down, they said she was in shock, my poor Ladybyrd didn't deserve to die in such pain. I knew I had to put Lucy down morally and bc city laws on previsously dangerous dogs. Lucy was put down the next morning. I regret not saying goodbye to her, getting her pawprint, ashes back or not being their.We were so mad and hurt that night.12.6.2012Ladybyrd 12.7.2012LucyGoosey. Its been so hard so many regrets and what ifs. After combing the internet on why this could of happened, I starting to realize Max the JRT is prolly what caused this bloody mess. He offset the pack and was agressive and fast. I'm thinking he started it and Lady got in the middle and got bit. Lucy prolly locked on to Lady and couldn't get off with how torn her leg was, and how much blood was all over, I know she fought back or tried to get away.I have read a lot of comments on how JRT cause a lot of fights and run away leaving the other dogs agressive and confused. They act first before they think.Also read that dogs stress levels feed off their owners.Other posts say 2 females,(doubt it in my case)I read in a one spot pitbulls can snap one day or have brain tumors,we will never know.we are slowly coming to peace with this tradegy.

Oct 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

All of you I am so so sorry!! In February it will be a year and I still think about about my sweet Lola everyday!. I ended up having to go to therapy to get through the visions and deal wih my emotions. I think Kevin you will have I be honest if the kids if they are old enough to understand :( it's just such a awful situation . We forget that thy are dogs. We will never leave the other two alone ever again . Liza the other dog is a much better dog now ... Don't know if it because know she gets to be lead Alfa or why but she has been so good and gets along really well wih the other dog a jack Russell but never would I trust again! Such an awful thing o go through... I am so so sorry for the pain you are all going through. This will always be in my head always I have learned a awfull lesson that I never thought I had to worry about. All you can do is let it never happen again with other pets . The pain does get easier I promise but you will never forget. :( I spent a lot of time on on the chat board and that got me through you should try it people were amazing and writing and expressing your feelings really really helps !

Oct 29, 2012
im in the same boat
by: kevin

I have a blue pitbull she is so kind to kids and people i have had her 10 years now my ex got a min pin from a friend who couldnt take care of her and i was against it knowing the pit just didn't get along with other dogs i said fine we will try it we kept them separate for a while finally two weeks they were friends and inseparable for 4 years. They would play tug of war together sleep just had to separate them when they would eat. Well the other day i came home and found they got into the fridge i walked upstairs to find the little dog dead. Its the saddest thing now im so mad at the pit and i have to find a way to break the news to my exs kid any input would help and how do i deal with this

Oct 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

I had the same thing happen and now I feel so much guilt and feel as if I let them both down. My son wants to get another dog, but I feel like I am a horrible dog parent and am afraid to get another one. I have always had dogs and never had this problem before. Several dogs I had lived to nice old ages, but the guilt I feel over this is horrible!

Oct 12, 2012
same thing
by: Anonymous

I recently went through the same thing. I had sent my younger dog to live with my daughter after she got into a fight with my son's dog and I was injured breaking it up. She was happy there for two years until my daughter had to move into an apartment and she was really frustrated at not being able to run free outside. So I brought her home. While she was gone we added an old hound to our family and they got along great for three weeks. Then when we were gone one day for about 30 minutes they fought and he was so torn up I decided to put him to sleep. After that I was afraid of her and tried to find a new home without kids or other pets (she was a pit and very powerful). All the rescue groups kept saying I should put her down, so I finally did. Now I am having an awful time with the whole situation. I wonder if I acted too rash when I chose to put the older one down...could he have been saved? Did my anger affect my decision to put the pit down? I miss them both so terribly and cannot forgive myself for leaving them alone together and for putting them both down. My younger son (whom the hound belonged to) wants to get another dog. I don't feel like I am a very good dog parent at this point. I feel as if I failed them both so terribly. I have had other pets who lived for years and died very old, but I just can't seem to forgive myself for this. I don't know what to do.

Sep 27, 2012
Thank you
by: Carrie

I am so sorry to both of you and your stories... and all the others who repliesd . I had to go to therapy for the loss and the scene I encountered . It's been 8 months and i still think about her everyday, but he pain gets easier . I am so glad I kept our other boxer she has turned out to be amazing dog ... Do I fully forgive her.. No but I love her I will just never leave her alone wih another dog.. I think we forget they are animals. They are part of our family and you just don't think they would do something like this. I found a site pet loss. Com that really helped me.

Sep 26, 2012
Same issue, conflicted
by: Anonymous

Our boxer that we have had for 4 years killed our schnauzer (10 month old). The boxer was "my" dog and the schnauzer was my wife's. this is to say we each bonded with a different dog more so. We came home 2 days ago to find that the schnauzer had been attacked. He made it through surgery, but died later. My wife wants to put the boxer down, but I am struggling with it. I did not want to get another dog because I was worried that my dog would have issues. For quite some time it appeared I was wrong as they got along well. My dog even spent a lot of time grooming him and sleeping with him. Then she snapped while we were gone briefly. This is truly a lose lose and I have no idea what to do.

Jun 09, 2012
I am in the exact same place..
by: Becky

I am a vet tech... I gopt off early fom work on Wednesday...3 days ago. I came home to my dad's house as I had recently moved back home. I have 2 dad had 3. I came home and we were playing 1 1/2 year old attacked my dad;s lab who was 12..out of nowhere...I screamed bloody murder and jumped on Charlotte hoping to stop the attack...nothing helped. I ran inside but I live 20 to 30 min outside a town.... and it was too late. I saw charlotte take her last few breaths. I layed on her sobbing and saying how soory I was. She died in a horribly brutal way for nothing. How do I deal with this?? I am SO SAD AND LOST!!!! Help please.

Mar 14, 2012
so sorry
by: Anonymous

Oh, I am in tears! Your letter to her and your story is heartbreaking! I too am in your shoes. Our lab killed my sweet little pom. He had food aggression issues but his actions were so strange that night, I am still trying to make sense of it. I also can't get the image out of my head, unfortunately I was home alone and had to deal with it by myself. I have been doing the "if I just would have carried her", if I just wouldn't have sternly told him no" (because he had growled), "if I just never gave him the bone earlier in the day", everything would be so different right now. I try to think everything happens for a reason or has a purpose in our life. Sometimes we just can't see it when we are so close to it. I know that if it wasn't that night it would of happened sometime in the future. Forgiving the other pet is something you may or may not be able to do,and that is okay. You do what is right for you. We chose to send our Lab to a trainer to handle his issues and he will be re-homing him for us. It was difficult to make that choice, but it is the right thing to do for all of us. in the days that followed I was finding I was a little fearful of him and feel I would always feel "indifferent" about him. Not truly love him anymore and not hate him, because he IS an animal, and we believe he truly did not intend to kill her. He would "feel" this from me and it would not be fair to him. I hope your heart heals and that you find peace from the pain.

Mar 08, 2012
so sorry...
by: Anonymous

I understand your grief & guilt so much. And then how do you treat the remaining boxer?? So difficult. My beloved 16 yr-old cat was killed by a pit bull dog a month ago and I feel so guilty. She was still an active cat but definitely slowing down. I had put her outside like I always do in the mornings...somehow the dog down the street got loose and killed my sweet cat in my own yard. I would have never let her out if I knew that dog was loose. But she was a fighter to the end. Please try to think of the more pleasant times as I have lately and not the last difficult day. I'm making a memory book of the cat pictures and funny memories over the years. That is helping so much. Each day will get better!

Feb 25, 2012
your dog knew you loved her
by: Elaine

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I know your dog would not think it was your fault; in the animal world, dogs fight. I see the common thread in most of our postings is the guilt. But we would never have done anything to hurt our pets. For me, I chose to listen to my husband and let him euthanize my collie because he had difficulty getting up on our wood floors. If he couldn't get up and I was not home, he had an accident. It wasn't every day, just 2 or 3x a week. I was out of town when he had it done and the guilt has haunted me ever since. I know I should have been there because Jake was the kind of dog that wasn't happy unless he was with me. Regardless of whether it was time to put him down, (now I feel he should have lived another 6 months)the fact that I was not there for him is what haunts me. Keep talking about your beautiful boxer and tell people what a wonderful dog he/she was and it will help you after a while.

Feb 22, 2012
I am so sorry
by: Kari

I just lost my dog two days ago, I had to have him put down after chemo stopped working, so I feel your pain in the loss. My heart breaks for you and the others that posted here about having guilt. Pet loss is hard enough when you felt you did everything right.

Not sure if you guys are religious or not but if so...something in Matthew says "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground without the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered."

I have always taken this as it is God's will when we leave this earth, not only as humans but he is responsible even for the falling of a sparrow, God knows when we are all leaving this earth. That being said I can totally understand your grief and the feelings of guilt are natural given the circumstances that even though it isn't your fault it is natural to blame one's self. I truly believe with all of my heart that it was known by God when all of our pets were leaving us, and that anything done differently still would have resulted in losing that pet.

Hang in there everyone and I hope and pray you can find relief from those feelings of guilt. I'm so sorry for your losses.

Feb 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your stories. Its the guilt that really is killing me. I hope someday I can forgive myself . I hope we all can look back and remember the good memories not those final moments. Thanks again for sharing your heartbreaking stories .

Feb 10, 2012
The Guilt
by: Dale

Your experience was much more graphic than mine but I feel much more personally responsible. I knew my cat's days were short but what I decided to do one day was give her a bath. She had stopped cleaning herself weeks earlier and had become quite smelly and had matted hair etc. Although she was weak she did what all cat's do when you get them wet-she resisted. At one point she bit me and I reacted reflexively by popping her on the nose and sternly telling her to stop it. From that point forward she became quiet but gave me a look that felt to me like HATE. She struggled to move the rest of the day and while I held her and pet her I never saw anything that gave me any reason to feel that I was comforting her. When she finally died only a few hours later I could only feel that I had hastened her death and tormented her in her last hours. I cried uncontrollably screaming over her dead body "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" My wife said not to beat myself up about it, that she was due to die soon etc but if I had known it was her last day or that I may have made her last needlessly painful I wouldn't have done it. I'm hoping that I will be able to forgive myself and I hope you can too. But it still hurts.

Feb 09, 2012
I feel your pain
by: Veronica

Hello Carrie,

I'm so sorry for your devastating loss. I too just lost a beautiful little bundle of joy due to a mistake on my part. My little Snow Snow got hit by a car due to my foolish action of calling her from the backyard. The pain of losing her coupled with the fact that my actions resulted in her death is unbearable. Everyone says you can't be too hard on yourself which is understandable but the reality is how can you not be. I am just hoping that with time the horrible memory of the day fades and that the wonderful memories take hold. I pray that your heart is strong and that your pain heals with each passing day. I understand your feelings so feel free to chat with me from time to time and perhaps together we can learn to be strong from the happy memories of our time with our little ones.

With sympathy,


Feb 09, 2012
Dear Lola
by: carrie

Last night it came to me that with all this guilt and and pain I was able to say goodbye to you Lola. You waited for us to come home before you left this world .I am so sorry that I wasn't there to break up this fight. What happened ? Why!?
I am glad I got to spend your last moments here on earth holding you and looking in your eyes. You did not die alone. I am so sorry for what happened i hope you know how much I love you and would do anything for you. My heart is in a million pieces. The pain I feel is enormous . I miss you so much! If we would of been here....o my baby girl I am so sorry. Again at least I was able to be there for your last breath and you knew you weren't alone. I will NEVER forget you EVER!!!! Till meet again my sweet baby.......

Feb 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Gosh I am so sorry to hear of your loss, that must of been devastating for you. Don't beat yourself up
you cant do nothing about it just keep telling yourself if you thought for one minute this would happen you would of not kept them together on their
own. Thinking of you with caring thoughts x

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