My younger sister died in my arms.....

by Rae Loria
(Union, N.J. 07083)

It was Sept. 30th, 2008.. My sister was 50 years old.I spoke to my 3 years younger sister Karen every single day, more than once.. She was a second Mom to my 3 children. I hadn't heard from Karen that day & my daughter Deana said she didn't hear from her either (they were Very, Very close) so I drove like a maniac to her condo to find her face down in her kitchen, I rolled her over to see a huge gash in her temple area of her head.. She fell onto the corner of a glass table.. I called 911 & talked to her, she came to immediatly, I sat her up, gave her water to drink was washing her face for what I thought would be for the hospital, I called my parents, they both spoke to her, suddendly she rolled into my arms & passed away!!! I haven't gotten over the why now?? All the questions you ask yourself.. I miss her soo much, we hung out together all the time as we were both divorced we had so many fun times together, so many talks, just so much togetherness!!! As I said she was like a second Mom to my 3 children.. They say time heals, but I don't really feel any different from that dreadful Tuesday night in Sept. when I lost my best friend & My Beautiful "younger sister"....

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Jul 25, 2012
My baby's fight
by: Sunny

My 34 year old daughter died in my arms at my home. She had pancreatic cancer. What hurt so much is that she had this hope of still goin to be ok. This was 3 years ago and I still hurt very much. It is so hard to get up In the morning but I do it anyway to go to work. I have 2 more daughters but I'm always afraid the Lord will take them too. Lost my husband 12 years ago. Ive lost all the faith I use to have in the Lord. I need to talk to someone but every thing cost money. I don't know where to turn anymore

May 14, 2012
Maybe heal is the wrong word
by: Anonymous

Heal implies that the wound goes away. It doesn't really, but as it gets further away in time the pain isn't so immediate. It's not so much of a huge wave waiting to crash down and sweep you under. It takes months, sometimes a few years, but you go on, because that's what your sister would want for you. I'm so glad that you were able to get there in time that she wasn't alone. She was wrapped in your love.

Mar 14, 2012
Time Heals?????
by: Lost

I think the person who came up with TIME HEALS never had to deal with the pain of loosing someome you really really love. My father has been gone nine years my cousin who was like a sister five years and my mother elven months and one week. Time is not healing me I seem to miss them all more and more each day!

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