nana and me 3

by summer

OK i am trying to get over this grief . its hard to do i just wont to be done with it i just wont to to live my teenage life and be happy .sometimes i thank that will never happen and that scares me i thank will this sadness go away and me be happy . everyone says i am trying to hard .maybe i am i feel like i am loosing my mind when my Nana died i fill like i died to just my body got left behind i have i broken heart i am tired of all this .right now i am in the 2nd stage of grief angry it aunt fun its been this way for 2 or 3 months i don't like to be mad but it keeps coming back to me i try to be happy maybe i am not trying as much as i could its been all most teen months wow cant believe that it feels like i keep on livening the same day over and over i don't know how to move on with out her here i am lost very lost we did everything together she got me and i got her she was a cool Nana when your a teenager your mom and dad do not understand u but she all was did and i seen her everyday i never went a day with out seeing her or talking to her i cant let her go i didn't even see her died ever my mom didn't wont me to. sometimes i am mad that i didn't get to see her like that because sometimes i thank she is gonna come back that gets my hopes up. i try to say she will never come back and stuff it doesn't help . then when she did die we didn't even know it just happen one day i didn't see it coming she was there one day next day not the we just had her cremated so i never got to she her like that so that's hard then sometimes i get made at her that she left i know it aunt her felt sometimes i am mad at my self i thank i could of saved her i know i could not . then that day she die i was suppose to hang out with her we planed it and everything but when i got home bum thats what happen world up side down people tell me just get over it i try i wont to but i cant i am not that strong they say we wont the old you back that hurts i do to but i cant find her its like i have lock all my feelings up i am not good with my feeling never have been i am not good with goodbyes to i feel like i didn't get closer from my Nana dieing not saying goodbye and all and i burn my self sometimes i stopped but then i did it again i don't wont to do it any more at all who does stuff like that . me i broken heated girl i try to pick up the pieces but i cant . i feel like i am reedy to get off this ride . and friends there not a big help u see who is your real friends family they try. i try to tell my self OK today will be different i will be over this but it never happens and then i try to tell my self she is in a better place but it doesn't help nothing helps i feel. this sucks i wish nobody had to die because it hurts how will i live with out her i don't know . will this get better they say it will but i don't feel so there not god how do they know. i just wont it to all stop and then i black everything out i don't renumber anthang since this happened even at school it happens its like i cant stop it i cant help myself with any of this. i need answers.

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Dec 26, 2012
nana and me 3
by: Doreen U.K.

Summer you can't rush grief. You have to cry till you can't cry anymore and Healing starts. It takes time. You don't have to be strong and feel you have to cope. Talk to a grief counsellor and let someone know how you feel. You can also write in a journal all your feelings and tell your nana in your writing how you feel? Tell her what her death has done to you and how it has made you so sad you hurt all the time. Writing will get all the pain out of your system in time. Parent try to protect their children from Death and Pain. But don't realise you have to express this. Don't hold all your grief inside. One day it will feel better and you will get your happiness back. It takes a long time to heal from losing someone. Reach out to God and let Him Comfort you.

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