My grandma died in January of this year. She had been very sick years before and when everyone else (including doctors) thought she wouldn't pull through I had full confidence she would. She did. She then got sick again and had to come live with me and my parents for a couple years. We were always super close but the past two years we were inseparable. My relationship with her was perfect and I loved her beyond words. She was my baby, my 2nd mom, my sister, my best friend.

When she got sick in Jan I got worried for the first time. (other times before she had been even sicker and I wasn't worried). I told her we had to take her to the hospital. She didnt want to go and said the people there would let her die. We took her she was there 5 days and me and mom took turns going there and spending the nite there with her. She started getting confused and her blood pressure starting dropping very low. although I prayed for her recovery my heart had already begun grieving.

The nite before she died my whole family was in the hospital room together. My grandma snapped out of her drowsy confused state and was her normal funny self. We all laughed talked and prayed together. My mom told me after we all went home that night my grandma became drowsy and confused again.

I came to the hospital the next morning after my mom had left and the whole medical staff were in and around my grandmas room. I watched her heart beat for the last time. I watched her die. Saddest day of my life ever. I'm in tears as I write this.

Since her death I often cry myself to sleep and many times simply can't sleep. I long for her or for a sign that she's watching over me. I believe that would give me some comfort until we meet again.

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Oct 24, 2012
Rip sweet angles
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for ur lose. I have a simular story. But it was my pappy. He has been sick for yrs in and out the hospital he was 83 he wanted to die at home. So my gram had the no resate(?sp) paper done and he hung in for six days and then on Friday August 31,2012 @ 12:13am he took that last breathe I haven't left his side for them 6 days! I was a pappys girl and I am 27. Threw his 6 days he was pretty much sleeping n when he was a wake it wasn't pappy he was talking and waving to people he could see but we couldn't And he kept telling them no not yet then he finally told them its time that nite he fought it so hard for so long! Rip nana n pappy

Oct 11, 2012
Me too!
by: Anonymous

I have sorta a similar story my grandmother has a lot of seizures and is confused a a lot she is only 75 but because of all her seizures is acting like 95.. She is in the hospital again in a coma the doctor says hopefully she will wake up but it's only a 30% chance she will.. Idk how to feel she was everything to me she was always their at night watching over me when I was sick it hurts to see her slowly dying.

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