"Nana's Dying..."

by Grace

I am only 11, almost 12, and my Nana is dieing. I loved her, as much as I could ever love a person. She was do kind and caring, and would do, or buy me anything I wanted. She even apologized for not buying me a bag for my outfit when I was 8! She was he best thing ever!

But one day, about two years ago, Nana had Kidney failure, or something like that, I witch she had to get a kidney removed. Thus needing to start dialysis. Dialysis overtook her life. She was busy with it 3 times a week, and the 4 other days of he week she was to tired to do anything. So nana had no time for me and my family anymore. We still tried to do stuff with her and Pop-Pop, bu It was never the same. And eventually things got worse. nana was in he hospital at least one every other month. And pop-pop ( my grandpa ) couldn't manage at home by himself. So it was decided.

Last Christmas, ( Christmas of 2011 ) Nana and Pop-pop moved in with my Uncle Kenny who lives in Iowa. They've lived there ever since. And I haven't seen them since then to. But last week, almost 7 month later, my dad, sister and I drove out there to see them. Nana was so sick, and sad. I felt so depressed just looking at her. I basically cried myself to sleep each night. I knew Nana wouldn't live much longer, I wouldn't accept the thought.

But just yesterday, Daddy told me that Nana was being taken of dialysis, and that they hVe found a tumor on her brain and that is wouldn't be much longer. A week? 2 weeks? 3 days? He was basically telling me "Nana's dying."

I tried to stay strong. And I promised myself that i wont break down until I was in my room, alone. For I have a lite sister, who's 9 and would probably yell st me for saying this, but I feel like I need to protect her, and be strong for her, which I know I don't. I think it's just a way for me to be strong. Like an excuse.

But when I went to bed that night, I cried the hole time, not getting one minute of sleep. I feel so helpless, and sad. And I just want her to hug me like she did when I was little and tell me thus it's alright. But I know it's not.

Please help me, I am so sad, and I am also scared I won't be able to see her again...

~ Grace. ( an 11 year old girl. )

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Feb 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 . & first off , I'm so sorry for your grandmother . You're so strong as a person & I would of never taken it so well as u made it seem . It's hard to know that ur going to lose someone so important in your life . Just remember that she loves you , tell her you love her everytime u see her. Try spending more time with her. Keep your head up .. Realize that she won't be suffering anymore , she'll be in heaven . And one day you will reunite with her . She will always watch over you. (: I lost my great grandmother 5 months ago.. And I always think of her in a positive way . . The good times . She was 93 years old , she lived a long & happy life .. It was just her time . (:
~Giselle (CA)

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