by Dusty

Lost my oldest daughter Neva in June 2012, to murder by two men ,drugged her up , they had robbed her of $600 rent money.. got her on drugs, raped beat her and then? left her for dead,for over 20 hours, next thing. I find myself rushing to a hospital, she is in a coma, very very beat up. the hosp[ital tried to keep her alive, In massive life support after we saw her the family. for many many many days. at one point? when her kidneys were going I wanted to give her one of mine. I would have gave her two in a heart beat to save her life, we had some hope one day out of it.. Only one day. next day? horror in a few days we would have to take My baby off her life support. I was first that had to sign they claimed she was now? brain dead. Her oldest son signed seconds and her oldest daughter signed next. , It was a horror show.. and I am still not over it.. it hurt I was with her when she died so was my grandson her oldest son.. The funeral, was sad to me. i am sad. i miss her so very very very much. I just turned 63 in September.. she was just turned 42 in May by June she was dead. I miss her so much. have not ever felt such pain. in my life. I just sill off and on want to die to be with her.. I Miss her so much, u yes I have other children. yes I have grandchildren. Only? One child or grandchild NEVER replaces another.. I have never never been so sad in-my life..

I Miss you Neva Mother.. I love to my dear dear Neva.. Momma. I will Never get OVER THIS LOSE!! or forget YOU my dear Neva til the day I too die.. and sometimes? I pray its soon.

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Feb 12, 2013
No one can hurt Neva now
by: Another mom who lost her daughter to violence

My daughter and son-in-law were murdered December 8th. The killer was her ex boyfriend and he burned their bodies and their home to conceal his crime. Some kind of friend he turned out to be.

It has been the most horrifying experience a person could imagine. He shot her husband in front of her and then he did the most horrific things imaginable to her, and in the final act of disrespect he burned their bodies and the home they shared.

We thought they died in the fire at first. We didn't know about the shooting. The police asked for her dental records, they were 95% sure it was her and her husband. I knew she was there with her husband, but I didn't want to know it was her. I didn't want it to be true.

It was horrifying to think they burned to death or died of smoke inhalation. I hope the shooting and trauma she experienced were of a short duration and she felt little pain. Her husband got in front of her and took the bullets for her. I have to believe that in her mind she knew how much he loved her and I have to hope that it gave her a measure of comfort.

In a lot of ways all these weeks later, it still doesn't seem real to me, but there is one thing I do take comfort in.

NO ONE can hurt them now. They are not gone, they have changed. They are with God, and in their perfect form. God is all powerful and he will not let them be harmed in his presence.

No one can hurt Neva, now either. She endured a lot and hopefully she didn't feel a lot of it. It is a blessing of our creation that our bodies can only take so much pain before we pass out. It's a tender mercy from a loving God. My hope is that you will also feel his tender mercy and know that your beautiful Neva can never be hurt again where she is now.

Feb 06, 2013
Neva's Mom
by: Sweet Aaron's Mama

Dear Dusty......your pain touches my heart....I know you are hurting so awfully bad...all of what we are going through is just too overwhelming....and I'm so very sorry your precious Neva had to endure those terrible sweet Aaron passed suddenly, but quietly and peacefully...Neva did not...and for you as her mother, I can't imagine that...not that way...and I won't try to....but, we are both in pain and that we have in common....just remember, somewhere over the rainbow....luv to you to my friend

Jan 29, 2013
Sweet son's mama
by: Anonymous

Dusty, I'm so so sorry for your loss of your precious daughter. My Aaron passed on Nov.24th. It was a quiet passing. He was alone. I can't imagine how you feel the way you lost your sweet girl. I am soooooooooo thinking of you. It hurts. All of it. Find a soft place to fall. Hugs to you.

Jan 22, 2013
To Heaven , for my Neva
by: Anonymous

Neva te echo de menos, con todo mi corazón, te amo mamá.
— to MY NEVA, Momma

Jan 13, 2013
by: Doreen U.K.

Dusty I am sorry for your loss of your eldest daughter Neva to murder. What a horrific tragic loss. This type of death would benefit from working with a grief counsellor till the pain felt less. How can anyone hurt another to this degree still amazes me. The hurt and pain inflicted on the family. The loss of a child is a great loss and one of the worst experiences in life. I wouldn't be able to cope with such a loss. This loss is forever and the grieving is so tough on the mind and body. I hope that you will get the support you need and be able to find some Peace in the midst of your pain and sorrow.

Jan 10, 2013
So sorry
by: Kate

I'm so very sorry you are in such pain over your daughter.
I lost my 39 yr old son in November 2012 and I too am in so much pain and sadness. I have 5 children,he was one and yes all are each so precious. We are sharing the mother grief. I send you my love.

Jan 09, 2013
God bless u
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss, i am a mother too and i cant even begin to image, it has taken me two years to deal with my oun fathers death, God bless you at this terrible time.

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