My wife passed away on oct. 5, 2009. I am a veteran from the Korean war. I been in a continues state of depression and grief ever since. I try to keep myself busy. My children live in other states and I could go many weeks without hearing from them unless I call. I am in grief all day even though I keep myself busy in many ways. I went to doctors but so far nothing had helped. The only thing that got me out of depression before my wife died was love, which I no longer have and it has me in a deadly severe depression. Believe me when I say that combat was easier. At the moment I am truly in the worse depression and grief of my whole life. we were married for 48 years. I have written many poems about my wife but most are sad. thanks for reading. Irwin D.


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May 10, 2012
Also lost the love of my life
by: Anonymous

Dear Irwin, Losing your spouse is a feeling like no other. It is a sadness that is hard to describe. I am so sorry that you feel so depressed. I am so sorry that your children do not call you more often. In the beginning my children would call a lot, but now it is less and less often. Be honest with them, and tell them when you need someone to talk to. I have to be honest with you, I find my friends more comforting than my family. I especially feel better when I talk with the friends I know who have also lost their spouses. If you do not have many friends, perhaps you could join a support group.(please keep telling your Doctor about your depression) Thank you for your service in the Korean War. Wishing you peace.

May 08, 2012
by: Judith in California

Irwin, I wish I could ease the pain you feel. It's not easy this journey but I want to remind you that God is careing for your love in Heaven and that should bring you some peace and happiness. God wants you to let go of the depression and live a full and rewaring life but you won't do that if you lock yourself into the grief. We must move on and live the best life we can until God calls us home. It's alright to love again, to laugh again, to enjoy each beautiful day with birds singing and pretty flowers and the moon and stars at night. God is blessing each one of us with a new day to start over and do it our way now. HE does not want us to be depressed and sad and not at peace nor do our loved ones who have passed. Make each day count Irwin. Promise your wife you will not waste what is left of your life.
It's been 20 months for me and I have given myself permission to cry anytime I needed , not caring who saw me or what they thought. I have found peace, and let go, knowing God is caring for my love. I have decided that, even tho my husband was jealous and would never want me to be with anyone else, it's okay if I want to find love again. I won't let him control me from the grave. My life now is up to me and I have to behave my way out of this grief and into a vital life doing what I need to survive. We all need to give ourselves permission to rightfully find happiness.
Thank you for serving our country in the Korean War.
Take care of you now. It's Okay. You deserve to be content.

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