New Years Eve, 7:43.

by Laura Johnson

It really wasn't any sort of surprise, not with knowing about his Hep-C at least half my my life. Then again at 8 years old the concept never really sunk in. And as I sat in the nursing home with the family from out of state sitting vigil, things were just numb. They stayed numb for three days after he stopped breathing at 7:43 pm, New Years eve, while the family emptied the apartment. Since for years I was the only one living with him and the family didn't really understand the point of some of dads things I had to sort out a good deal of it. Going back to school was... different. The entire world seemed to have been caught in some twisted time warp, one where nothing had changed and I was one of the few to even notice. Even to this day, a little over a year later I'm terrified of forgetting the details, the thing that made Dad Dad.

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Jan 20, 2013
New Years Eve, 7:43.
by: Doreen U.K.

Laura I am sorry for your loss of your Dad. This is a very hard place to be at a difficult time of the year when families gather together at Christmas. I am not surprised that you felt in a state of shock and disbelief for over 3 days. After death the experience is like nothing else you may have felt. The pain of loss is severe and you can't even comprehend how you feel. Your whole world will have changed as if you entered a different world where you feel like a stranger. If you are worried about forgetting the details and memories of your dad you can keep a journal and record these memories now and hold them forever. Even write letter to your dad and tell him all you want to in your journal and even tell him how you feel after he died. You will start to feel better. You can also get some grief counselling. This helps tremendously putting things into perspective and also healing from loss. It will also help you develop skills which over time will help you cope with more trials in life. You are not alone. We all tread this valley with you in our grief and loss.

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