no not me

Terri, I believe that you could have done without counseling , I know what it's like when it happens to one self, I learned talking to God out laud at home as much as needed. I had an accident and developed CRPS pain at level ten, it drained me of all energy one night I just could not stand it anymore it was about two in the morning I was ready to end it, I told Jesus I did not have the strength to continue and tears were flowing down my face. The room was dark but all of a sudden I could feel a presence , my eyes did not see,but my spiritual eyes did, Jesus stood right by the bed and his hand reach down and I clearly said "you will be alright". I fell asleep, when I woke up my pain level was a two and it stayed a two. If you research the CRPS there is no cure it is a very painful experience that spreads from lim to lim.
Two year later I had breast cancer, it is a long story but a similar experience that I don't want to go in to it right now. What my answer is to you!
you thru the pain and hurt and everything you have experienced you have become a greater person you have become understanding, compassioned you know when someone tells you when they are in pain , you immediately know how they feel and you have the ability to sincerely offer your understanding and that not true?
God will send us trials he sad so but he also said he would go thru them with us, so if there is some pain and someone says how are you! I am going thru and I will come out on the other side because Jesus will walk with me. You are a pretty strong lady and your experience made you wise beyond your time. I love you

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