No one is greater than Mom, including the Lord.

by Nk Krish
(Selangor, Malaysia)

I do agree that Lord created all of us, but I'm here now because of my mother and she is my Lord. I thank the Lord for gifting me this most precious present(mother).

My mother was my best friend even I have siblings and friends. I didn't know that I had so much of love towards her until I realize that she is no more visible to my eyes.

I always fight with her for so many silly things and she would get annoyed but I didn't realize that she still loves me deep inside. I have talk over her voice and went against her in so many things, but she has never hurt me like how I did to her.

I feel guilty for not realizing that whatever she did to me was for my own good. I have never taken her advice seriously and always be rude with her.

I just can't take it when she died on my palm..

I was the only child with her when she died, and when I informed the rest of my siblings, their response..the way they cried..and the way they shouted..Oh my god, that was seriously painful. My heart was so hurt..especially when I inform this to my dad..

What I did to the Lord that he even took away my father just few months after my mother ? Why Lord is so cruel to me ? I was so lonely after my mom is no more and I was depending on my dad who had stroke and in half coma situation, even he can't talk nor walk, still I were happy that I have a dad..But my mother was too lonely up there, so that's why she took away my dad as well...but I need both of them so badly, I couldn't express my love towards them through this story but through my tears..I just can't stop crying..

I love my mother and father so much that I doesn't even want to live in a place where my parents is not visible.

I wish I can get a place up there one day to stay happily with them up there..

I love you both Mummy and Daddy...(My mom left me on 23rd Oct 2010 and my dad left me on 12th Aug 2011...) and I'm just 17 now(2012)

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