No Words

by g.

There are really no words to describe how I am feeling right now. My grandfather has passed away. It didn't come as a shock he was old and lonely, it was his time to go but I still cant help feeling so sad. I never really have spent time with my grandfather he lived in New Orleans and I live in Miami. We onlly realy talked once a week on the phone for a few minutes. "I love you" were the words we exchanged most. Now i can't stop thinking how I'll never get to tell him these words again. I'll never get to talk to him. I know that I'll be able to get through it sooner or later. The hardest thing is heloing my mom through with her grief and sadness. Theres nothing harder than seeing my mom be so sad. I'm just not sure how I can help her. My grandmother passed away from Alzheimer's a few years ago, I was younger and didnt know how to handle my sadness. My mom was distraught for weeks and there seemed nothing i cOuld do to help her overcome her greif it was gradual and she came to it on her own. But now as i am older I can't help but wonder was there anything i could have done in order to be there for her more. She was always my rock. Now its my time to be there for her. It's so hard to be able to handle my sadness yet still be strong for her. Any advice as to how to get through this?

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Aug 09, 2012
No Words
by: Doreen U.K.

G I am sorry for your loss of your grandfather. You got to do more than most. You exchanged I LOVE YOU often. This should make you happy for doing this. Don't beat yourself up wondering if there was more you could have done to help your mom through her grief. Most of the time IN GRIEF. People become quiet and subdued trying to process their loss. If we rush in to try and help and assist, we may just make things worse. Grief is a lonely time when each person has their own way of grieving and often this is alone. I am sure when your mom is ready to draw you in to her world you will know about it. She will be ready to share and talk about her feelings.
When each individual is feeling sad they can't be strong for the other person. WE are all trying to sift out our own feelings and being strong for another person means that you will harm your own grief. We all carry strengths and weakness's and in grief this will show up and overwhelm us. But in this adversity grief makes us stronger in the places of weakness. We will go through life with these experiences and each time they are sent to strengthen us.

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