Not a true soulmate

by suzanne

Would a true soulmate, someone you devoted your life to for 26 years, just up and leave you for a younger model?? would that person then put you and your children through unbelievable pain and then financial strangulation so as to maintain a ridiculous affair for two years with some kid, while you and his own children could barely put food on the table...would that 'soulmate' then kill himself to get out of the mess, the lives he ruined, including his own?

No - a true soulmate would never do those things...all the years i spent with this man, thought i knew him, and he became a monster, a person i didn't even recognize...he threw all his principles out the window for a skanky trailer trash kid, and realized all of it much too late. he realized it after he lost us...he died twice to us...

I can almost forgive him easier for killing himself than i can for cheating on that normal?? probably not, but i thought we were the love of each other's lives, and every thing i ever believed in was completely shattered when he did what he did with that rotten girl...

Do people not have any values or morals anymore??? do they not care if they are helping to destroy a family??

All i want is some small element of justice in girls and i lost everything and that idiot just keeps going on, probably onto her next married man...

I want to believe what everyone tells me; what goes around, comes around...but i just don't see a happy ending for me in this...

I actually hate him most of the time....

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Nov 19, 2010
So sorry
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for the pain you are going through. You lost someone you dearly loved and trusted and he betrayed you in despicable ways. Your once "soulmate" is out of his pain, but you are left with all that remains and the bitterness you feel. I have been choked with bitterness from loss too and it nearly suffocated me. It took God to gently remind me that vengeance is His. Without forgiveness - letting go - we are chained to people or circumstances. I finally chose freedom. Why don't you? Healing will come easier. Blessings

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