Not Quite Normal Grief

by Nicole
(123 Fake Street)

I'm hurting my mum
The one I dearly love
I feel like I’m in hell
Although I am above
The pain that follows news
Is the worst that you can feel
Although you try to bargain
No one takes the deal
My pain is not so usual
It’s not from someone's death
But happiness is out of reach
Even though no one has left
I have a sickness that won't leave
And crohn's is the name
Although it's been a while now
It is still hard to be brave
I’ve been sick for a while
Twenty-one months now
I have got to get better
But I don’t know how
It always hurts mum
To see me unwell
I wish I could get better
If someone cast a spell
But I know I won’t get better
That’s why I can’t but grieve
And I know mum is hurting
And it’s all because of me
But I must be strong for her
If not for myself
I should take all my worries
And put them on a shelf
This is the only website
That my voice could be heard
So I’m sorry I chose this website
It may seem a bit absurd
But I needed to let it out
Or else I might’ve burst
For I have a strange feeling
That my family cursed
I know that you are hurting
A lot more than I
Just to let you know I know that
Before I say good-bye

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Feb 07, 2009
by: Patti


Don't give up hope, there are easier ways to cope. But let your family feel the way they feel, it is their way of dealing with it. Because when you can't do anything to help, them worrying about you is their only thing to do.

Don't think there isn't any hope out there, there is. My nephew dealt with Chrones for the last 3 years, and he did the same that you are, but letting your family worry, is what they want and need to do.

Blessings to you, and always remember that you are here and in peoples lives for a reason.
Take care, Patti

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