not sure who to be mad at!

by Joshuas Big Sister

My brother was stabbed to death by a family friend .... the events leading up to this were chaotic ! His life with his fiance and children were in turmoil he wanted to do what was best for her so he moved out hoping she wld realize what she was doing , he went to stay with friends whose relationship wasn't in much better shape ! After a domestic dispute btw the couple and the husband hitting her she screamed for my brother and he came to her aid .... I've never gotten the whole truth or events that led up to this confrontation btw her husband and my brother but I do know he had 2 knives and he stabbed my brother with one....... months l8r during the trial we found out that after them both catching their significant others cheating they had been drinking and slept together and it came out she was pregnant and it was my brothers child she is steadfast it was 1 time and has nothing to do with why my brother was killed but I find it hard to believe..... her husband got ten years my parents felt like they had to take a plea bargain in fear he wldnt do no time.... my brothers name has been smeared terribly his children hurt and the new baby to top it all off was given my brothers middle name but his killers last name and every 1 just smiles and acts like it is ok I even tried to but I can't I'm not sure who I'm angry at her his fiance for her drinking and drug problem my brother for being careless the man that killed him god I just don't know but what I do know is all my life I was the outcast in my family and at one point I wanted to take my own life and my brother brought me back to reality and saved my life and loved me unconditionally when every 1 else turned their back s on me or so it felt and he was an amazing man my best friend and even though he was younger than me a role model and every day I wake up with no answer no solace and just confusion anger sadness for what was ...... and I live in fear every day something will happen to me or the only other people I am close with my fiance and his children and I'm going out of my mind! Its like some 1 cut my arms and legs off and left me laying on the ground flopping around! There is never an end to the pain a year and a half later and it feels like just yesterday!

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