Nothing Changes

by Terri
(Marietta, GA)

It’s been almost 5 months and nothing has changed. I am still in the same frame of mind that I have been since the day he died. No answers from the coroner’s office (almost 5 months and still no death certificate). How am I expected to continue when I can’t even find out how he died? Started seeing a counselor and she tells me I need antidepressants but we can not find anyone that provides them for people with absolutely nothing. (I was left with no life insurance, homeless, jobless and relying on family members for complete support). I have no money to see a doctor in order to get a prescription and apparently there is no help available to me through my county. If the counselor can’t find resources for me how can I. She wants to put me on a 1 year plan. How can I think about a year from now when I don’t want to see tomorrow? No I am not going to hurt myself but I just wish my time would come so I don’t have to wake up and live each day alone again. I do not see a future. Loneliness is such a sad thing. I just want something to look forward to. This is not the first time I have posted on this site and I am sure it won't be the last. i just felt like I needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

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May 25, 2011
Early Stages of Grief
by: Dakota Blues

Love ~ You are in the very, very early stages of grief. 5 months isn't a well worn path. I recently learned of 2 support groups that I think will be extremely beneficial for us in acute mourning. You can google both for your area.

First...Stephen Ministry. They are "folks" within churches who say they are the "After People." They meet with you listen and share our burdens!! You do not need to be a member of [that] church either. It is open to the communities as a viable resource. I am on a waiting list in my area.

Second....Grief Share. It is a 13 week support group specifically for the death of a loved one. It was founded by Zig Zigglar after his oldest daughter passed away. I see in my area a class starts this fall.

Both of these grief resources have rave reviews from care receivers.

As the home page shows on this site - "If you're going through HELL....Keep GOING!!" - Sir Winston Churchill

Big Hugs & Keep posting!!!

May 23, 2011
there is help
by: Anonymous

I live in a small town. They have a free clinic. I know that most city's do as well. As mentioned W.M has antidepressants on the $4 dollop list and a 90 day supply is $10. W.M has a list they can give you what is eligible. Bring that list with you to the clinic. 5 months is still early in the grieving process. So many questions unanswered does not help either. For now try to get through the day and make those phone calls. The only one who is going to fight tha battle for you is...You. It is hard to tell where grief ends and depression starts. There is help for you out there please don't stop untill you find someone that will see you...

May 22, 2011
There Has to be Help
by: TrishJ

There has to be help through your county's health department. You should be able to see a physician there for a small fee (approximately $25.00 or even less). Most counties base their fees on your income. If you have no money they should let you pay $5.00 a month for your visit. Your counsellor should have this information for you. The county' services are not just for people who are on public assistance.

WalMart has a prescription plan where many antidepressants are only $4.00 for a 30 day supply. You really can't function in such a state of depression. The motivation just isn't there. People who aren't depressed have a very difficult time understanding depression. They think you are lazy and don't want to help yourself. The truth is you can't.

Many times grief brings with it devastating depression. You need the anti depressant to help you see that you can do it. You can live life and things will get better. As time goes by you can go off the medication if possible. your county health department and call the medical facility to set up an appointment. They may even have grief counselling for you there.

God bless and best wishes to you. We all care here. We're all in this together. Hugs.

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