Officer Leroy Tuttle......My Love

by Teresa Farmer

My Hero, My Love, My Life

My Hero, My Love, My Life

An example of the particular kind of officer he was....a fourteen year old kid shot him 6 times. He calmly radioed in officer down, suspect fleeing on foot. As the backup cars arrived he continued talking on the radio giving them directions to where the kid had gone. They all assumed it was the young rookie he was training that was shot. The suspect was captured and sent to prison.

But, the backup officers were simply in awe when they discovered the man calling the shots on the radio directing the chase was indeed the officer down. He carried one of those slugs in his temple for the rest of his life as it was in a spot which was too dangerous to attempt to remove it.

After moving on to homicide he got permission for my son to do a ride along. Bubba was 17 at the time, he is 30 now. Yet he continues to have an abundance of respect and awe at the ability Leroy had to walk into a crime scene and figure it out.

At one time he was offered his stripes as part of a proactive movement. He turned them down. He wanted to get them because he deserved them, not because he was one quarter black. He was a highly intelligent man and oh so musically inclined.

He was truly one of the few people I have ever known that I considered a gift from God. And, he is the only man who has ever just loved me. Nothing else mattered. He would tell me how wonderful a person I was, how beautiful I was and how very much he loved me. He was one of the only people in my life who have ever absolutely loved me unconditionally. He was brilliant, heroic, talented, loving, respected, and respectful. The world has lost a true treasure.

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Jan 22, 2017
Chief Tuttle
by: Grayson Wagner

You would have been a great chief. Problem was you were not poitically correct. Too level headed. I commend you for that.

Jul 07, 2010
Love yoou
by: Teresa

Tag your it baby

Jul 07, 2010

My hands rest on the key board cluttered with thoughts. What do I tell this woman who found and lived with such a good man. A truly good man who thought of others before himself, who wanted to do the right thing throughout his life. There are no words to soothe you, to tell you you were so lucky to have him, you were truly a love story, that people were in awe of what you had. These were the things told to me when my husband died. I wish I had the right words...I can only say I know, I really know what you had and lost. Hoping you can begin a life anew and the courage to do so. HH

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