On Aujust 6th 2012 my son passed away from drug overdose.

by carol staton
(McRae Arkansas)

My son fought drug addiction off and on for 15 yrs..He would get clean the boom hes back using again.He was my baby boy and I loved him him so very much..My ex husband and I tried talking to him to no avail..He had a little girl that he had custody of we thought that would help clean him up but no that was no help either..pills were made so readily available to him and I am so angry my depression is so bad I don't know what to do about it I have gone to taking more anxiety pills and pain pils just needing to ease the pain..my son was 31 yrs old noone twisted his arms so why am I so depressed and angry..please someone help me..

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Feb 15, 2014
My only son Aaron Meyer Ben Chaim died April 2010
by: Sarah G

Hi carol,

First my email is Sgar613@gmail.com. If you need to talk .

I miss my beautiful so Aaron . He was 24 fighting heroin and painkillers. I will always love Aaron and tell the world what a kind beautiful man Aaron was.

I wanted to reach out to you about your depression and tell you go to grasp or compassionate friends support group. I had a suicidal depression reaction after taking a
Mood and anti depressant and anxiety med.

I'm sorry out sons deaths brought us together . Lets help each other get stronger.


Feb 09, 2013
I Care
by: Anonymous


I feel your pain. I lost Keith on 5/3/2012 due to heroin and marijuana. He was addicted to so many different pills (had only tried heroin a couple of times but was addicted to pain killers and benzos).

What I do know is that it's an endless cycle. Please try to walk, run, take baths, etc. and not fall into the terrible addiction cycle. I have a few prescribed pills but know how easy it would be to give in. Ask yourself if your son would like to see you go this route. Remember the positive times, how he wanted to be clean. Honor his memory by trying to take care of yourself. And when you get stronger, try to think of a cause you might want to support. Personally, I would like to help get the word out or do something to decrease drug abuse...not now because I'm hurting too badly and just need to heal (if that's possible).
Please, know that others share your pain and want you to take care of yourself.
Please email me if you'd like.

Oct 22, 2012
I'm sorry Carol
by: Aarons Mom

Hi Carol,

I lost my only son Aaron, age 24 April 10, 2010 to drugs. It's been a long journey. A moment doesn't go by, a day, etc. that I don't cry missing AAron's voice, etc. saying Mom, I love you.". I started to go to Compassionate friends a support group for parents that lost children. I't almost 3 years and the pain is still intense. I started taking tobimak. I work and live my life. Make sure to push yourself outside and do the same. Remember, your son lives inside you and he wants you to live your life. If U need to email me, please feel free at sgar770@gmail.com


Sep 29, 2012
On August 6th 2012 my son passed away from a drug overdose
by: Doreen U.K.

Carol I am sorry for your loss of your son from a drug overdose. Drugs are an addiction. You and your Ex husband tried in desperation to reach out to your son and this failed. Can any parent reason or advise a 31yr. old? YOU BOTH TRIED. Drugs alter a persons personality. You can't reason with an unreasonable situation. The RISK is very high when dependency is strong. Even having a child would make no difference to an addict. Not because he didn't love the child, but because He couldn't stop. Elvis Pressley. Micheal Jackson. Amy Whinehouse. Whitney Houston. ALL LOST the battle with drugs. They all had the money and power to buy help. We will never know the power in such a deadly substance that is so overpowering that it is claiming many lives all the time. My nephew was taking medication for depression. The side effects was suicidal tendencies. My nephew was acting strangely. He was hallucinating on this medication. he threw himself in front of an express train. My sister was MAD WITH GRIEF. My other nephew in Australia is in REHAB trying to come off prescription medication for pain. ALL VICTIMS of an illness. Where will it all end. TRAGEDY everywhere. Lives and HEARTS BROKEN. FOREVER. Our hearts will keep bleeding over our children and the worry trying to keep them safe in an unsafe world. Education is failing our children. Governments are failing to keep people employed. Lives are fractured from divorce. countries are going bankrupt. Trouble everywhere. WILL NOT A PEOPLE CRY UNTO THEIR GOD FOR HELP. Are your anxiety pills taking away your pain? Is painkillers working? For some things they will work. God is our COMFORTER. HE is our source of JOY. HE IS OUR HOPE. I lost my husband of 44yrs. to cancer 5 months ago. If I don't keep FAITH alive I will go down like a sinking ship. We all have CHOICES. I hope that the CHOICE YOU MAKE is to not depend on your anxiety pills. Only God can SAVE YOU FROM WHERE YOU ARE!!!!

Sep 28, 2012
Prayers for Carol
by: Linn

Carol, I am so sorry for the grief you have to go through over the death of your son. One of my sister's (She is gone now) had a darling son that was unable to kick his drug habit, even though he tried so many times. He said once that wanting drugs was on his mind every day all day long and that he just wanted rest from the constant craving he had for the drugs. He was such a sweet and loving young man. My sister, (His mother) found him dead in his apartment one day, He had died from a massive heart attack. We think that his high blood pressure caused the heart attack. My sister went through such intense pain and grief. My sister was a christian and I believe that her faith got her through. I hope that you have a church family as well as your own family and that you have a pastor to talk with. Also I believe writing down your feelings in a journal or notebook would help. You have to walk through this pain you are in and believe that it will get better and that you will smile again someday. Take care of yourself during this time and I would encourage you to talk with your doctor about any medication that you are taking. Maintain a healthy diet if you are able and try to rest as much as possible. Talk about your son to others and remember the happy times you shared with him. Cry when you need too and remember that others are praying for you and care about what you are going through. I hope you let us know from time to time how you are doing Carol and may God comfort you during this sad journey you have to take. Just remember that someday the journey will be less painful and the sun will shine again, if you just hang on. God bless you.

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