One Last Breath

by elyse

last Saturday my grandma passed. Saturday, February 15, 2014.
she was terminally ill living with one lung and wasn't supposed to live past age 35 or so, but she was 78. she only has one lung because she took an arrow (literally) for her friend. her friends husband was trying to murder her friend, but she stepped up and took it at the last second. I'm not sure if its stupid or noble but she was rushed to the hospital, and had one lung removed. I'm glad I got to meet her at least.

my parents are divorced (my bro and I are living with our mom) and our mom told me while our dad told my bro. I cried for like 30 min after I found out but then couldn't anymore. I would have begged my mom to go visit her but couldn't as we have just come back from visiting her and is expensive to fly because we live was my dads mom but we all still loved her

my grandma was the best. she was always happy. always making jokes. she was in the hospital for about 1 1/2 months, probably waiting for my dad to go visit her (which he was going to go the next week; he too is living overseas). We all knew it was coming, but it came as a shock. we knew it was for the better but we felt sad and horrible. for some reason I cant bring myself to cry for her, maybe she doesn't want me to... I really miss her. I don't show it much unless I'm at home... otherwise I just cant bring myself to talk about her really...

She was the best person in the world. the best friend, the best grandma, the best everything. she was truly an angel.

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