One Month tommorow that my Dad passed away

by Melisa Revis
(Hickory NC)

My Dad was a big strong man and his death was just one of those things in life that was NOT suppose to happen,but it did.My Dad just sneezed one day and started hurting real bad in his ribs went to the doctor and xrays showed up that he broke his rib and he had multiple mylenoma and that we could have up to 4-6 years with him. well the next night he got up to go to the bathroom slipped up and broke his back went back more xrays showed more cancer than we thought two very short weeks later my Dad lost his battle with cancer .The night he died,My Mom had just asked my husband would he sit with my Dad so she could walk out of the room for a few minutes because she had sit by his side non stop as I had been doing.
I was on my way to go take a quick shower when I thought I want to check on how he looks,feels and sounds one more time before I do get in the shower and about the time I got to his bed I could tell he was taking his last breath of air it was the saddest thing my heart has ever experienced.I went quickly after my Mom and he took one more with her there then he was done on this earth. I couldnt leave to go home that night until I saw him loaded in the funeral home`s van I probably should have not choose to see that. My Dad was just not suppose to ever leave me. People say it gets easier but it really seems to be getting much harder ever day tommorow is the first month anniversary of his death.Maybe I just really wanted to but today I was feeling pretty sad just sitting outside by myself and a big yellow butterfly came up and circled me twice as if it was giving me a big hug and I actually thought that was my Dads way of sending me love it made me smile anyways.

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May 22, 2014
Your dad is in a better place
by: Syed Dilawar Ali

Your dad is in a better place. But always remember he is watching you and he is by your side. My dad passed away 9 months and 3 days ago. I really miss him a lot. I know how you feel. One day when GOD takes me away from this world I will meet my father and we will have lots of fun !

Apr 30, 2012
by: Nanette Blastow

Prayers to you and your family, I lost my husband and my children lost there dad 2 months ago to sudden death he was out of town and it was a shock there was no sign anything was wrong. It was a real shock and my children are still trying to cope. Our memories are what is keeping us going everyday. It is difficult sometimes to think he will never be here any more. I am so sorry for your loss and prayers that God helps you through your tough days and guide you.

Apr 30, 2012
You are right about the Butterfly
by: Anonymous

Hugs to you ., I am so sorry for your pain. I believe butterflies can be our loved ones letting us know they are alright, Love never dies even after the death of the body. Your Dad is sending you all tons of love and hugs. I lost my 21 yesr old daughter in 2007 . She was murdered by her ex boyfriend. You never get over it, you will slowly learn to live again. It does get easier but they will always in you mind and your heart. Give yourself time to grieve. It takes a long but you will not always have that heavy saddness in your heart.Time does not heal all wounds, it does have mercy on our hearts. . I saw your post and my heart went out to you. God's blessings be upon you and your family.

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