One of those days........

by Luke

It's 2 years and 3 months since I lost my soul mate and partner suddenly to cancer. I feel as though things have become a little easier then out of the blue I have days like today.
I wake up and all I can do is think about my partner and how much I miss him. I feel like crawling back into bed, covering my head and just day dreaming all day about him and doing nothing else.
I can't, I have to get up and get on with it, go to work and put a brave face on with tears bubbling at the back of my eyes. I miss you Nicholas.

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Nov 30, 2013
one of those days..............
by: Doreen UK

Luke I am sorry for your loss of your partner. I lost my husband to a deadly cancer 18 months ago and it is one of the hardest journeys from now on without our loved one. There will be triggers taking place all the time within us and just when we think we are coping we get thrown down again. I didn't think this would happen, but as the months go by it sometimes feels worse. It may feel worse before it gets better. I feel that it will take many years for any of us to get over our loss. WE will just learn to live with this loss in time. I lost my mother 10yrs. ago and I felt my grief more when I lost my husband. Now I have days when I miss my mother more than I did at the time of losing her. I thinks our mind often can't cope with our loss and another loss just triggers off more and so we have compounded grief which is harder to recover from. Build yourself up emotionally by doing many special things for yourself and raise your self esteem. Build on this. When you have the weekend off do nothing if this is what you feel like. Grief assaults our body. I took 6 months off (I am retired) and I did nothing but let TV and the God channel nurture me through my grief and I then was able to do one or two jobs a day. When I didn't feel like it, I did nothing. I am now recovering from grief better. But I still have bad days of loneliness. Christmas is coming up and most of us are dreading this. But our dear Lawrence who writes here regularly with support is doing something I approve of. He is taking his family on vacation from the UK to the USA (think it is Disneyland). I applaud his decision and also his ability to start to move forward. But I am not making a comparison. Our grief is different and we must do what is best for us. But just DOING something good for ourselves is such a good way to HEAL. It is called NURTURING. You have a job and it may be too much of a struggle each day. On the days you have off structure this in a way that will help you HEAL. Take ONE DAY AT A TIME. This helped me and still does. I can only still TAKE ONLY ONE DAY AT A TIME. It HURTS. I know. My Belief in God also helps me get through each day. I wish you better days ahead and May God comfort you in life and give you His Peace.

Nov 29, 2013
Dear Luke
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry you're struggling with your grief. It is a horrible journey, and I understand your pain. I lost my father suddenly 11 months ago, and my world as I knew it shattered- there are days I don't want to get up, but I must carry on for my family. I can only offer you prayers of comfort and hope you can begin to heal. Barb

Nov 29, 2013
we will never get over it...
by: Edna

Hi Luke, first i would like to say that cancer is a "life changer", like it did to me, same month last year, my husband is full of life, now he's not with me of the moment i don't really know how to cope up...i cry most of the time, i miss him very life will never be the same again...we will not get over with the pains of losing our soulmates, they said we will just learn to live with fast can we learn is the hardest question...i feel your

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