One way to ease the pain

by Christine
(Woburn, Massachusetts)

Some people might think I am crazy but I have found one way to help ease some of this pain, suffering, and sorrow. I decided to go to see a psychic. It has been 10 weeks and 1 day and I feel so lost and out of sorts.

I have been before and always found it fun, fascinating and in some ways comforting for many reasons. I have since been twice since my husband passed and I have to admit I am feeling better.

I was able to communicate with him. I told him how much I loved him and missed him and he relayed to me that he knew and felt the same way towards me. He has been by my side every second since he passed and will always be here with me. He relayed to me that he hears every word I say to him out loud or in my heart.

When I asked the medium if he was happy, he said “Hell No”, he wanted to be here with me in this world. I laughed; he had a great sense of humor. He relayed that he was ok, not happy but ok. He relayed to me that he is sad that I’m not happy but I promised him that someday I will be. He encouraged me to do some of the things we planned and more, he only wants happiness and joy for me. He told me all I have to do is ask in my heart and he will be here to help me thru this.

He relayed to me that this was not his choice and that once it was explained to him why he passed he is ok with it. He relayed to me that he can not tell me but I trust him with all my heart and have to believe that if he is at peace with it then I am to...I do believe that God took him from me for a reason and that it is part of a greater plan and I have to have faith and believe in this.

The hardest thing the medium said to me was that he wants me to find some one else and to live out the dreams we had. He only wants me to be happy and to have the life that we desired. It was incredibly hard to hear that since I want that life with him…but can’t have it now…I just can't fathom it right now and thats understandable but I do believe that someday...

I know the idea is a little out there for most but if you are struggling and want just a little bit of comfort, I suggest considering this.

For now it's one day at a time...wishing everyone well on their journey!

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Jul 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

i cant take comfort in anything i just lie in bed crying dont even think this would take the pain away i feel the only way im going to be happy is when im with my son again so at 58 years old i only have that to look foward to my my other kids just avoid us as much as possible and now feel theres nothing left to go on for wish i had some proof of this but i do find it hard to believe im sorry if i offened anyone i think people should take comfort in what they believe but its not working for me if theres a god why does your son go before you it cant be natural

Jul 16, 2011
After death
by: Anonymous

There are forces at work in this world of both good and evil. Death is difficult and we all face it and bear the loss. It hurts. We want answers. To give yourself a well-rounded opinion on the topic of death, why not research what scripture has to say too? God will touch your heart as you search. Here is one text to get you started: "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom." Ecclesiastes 9:10

Jul 16, 2011
one way to ease the pain
by: sarah

i dont know about this my son has been gone 4 weeks im suicidal and i dont think i have any signs except for a star outside my window i cry all the time and i think if my son could see me he would get some way of letting me know hes happy he would never have wanted me to be in this pain x

Jul 16, 2011
Glad I'm not the only one
by: M Mack


I lost my husband very suddenly, we didn't know he had heart problems. So I was completely shocked, devastated and extremely depressed. I went for grief counseling, prayed, alot and wanted to be alone with my grief. I often felt strange things were occuring around me, especially the way the birds were behaving. One morning, they were there on each side of my balcony, very visible screeching very loud, looking at me. I'm not sure but I think they were very large black crows. A loaf of bread fell off my kitchen counter for no reason. At night, I'd feel someone tickling my feet, touching my head so I decided to contact a psychic. It turns out she was very good, worked as a police medium on very difficult cases and well known. She spoke to my soulmate through her guide. Everything I suspected and didn't tell her was revealed. He was trying to contact me to let me know he was ok except he was very worried about me. He said he loved me very much and I shouldn't worry about him. I was told by the psychic that crows, as ominous as they may seem are basically protectors. Whatever others believe, I respect them however, I feel so much better knowing he is ok and that I will be ok. It was a tough go for me and this brought me unexpected peace. Take care of yourself and as you go through the stages of grief, know you are not alone. He is definitely with you in spirit and wants you to be happy. Prayers and hug for you.

Jul 15, 2011
Not "Out There" For Me
by: TrishJ

No way's not at all out there. I read a book after my husband passed entitled "Talking to Heaven", by Jame Von Praagh. This book basically saved my sanity. It has taught me how to interpret the signs I'm getting from my husband. I know my husband is here with me ~ I just wish I could hold his big strong hand and hear him tell me he loves me one more time. It's so hard for me to understand why he had to leave us ~ to leave us all in such pain without him. I know our husbands want us to be's just so hard to be without them. I have no desire to seek another relationship and I don't think I ever will.
I believe there are people who are truly gifted with psychic abilities. Mr. Von Praagh didn't realize he had the gift until other psychics taught him how to interpret things. He thought he was crazy with all the pictures and sounds in his head. Take comfort in any way you can. If you have found someone you feel confident and comfortable with you have been truly blessed.

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