One year anniversary of losing our son luke

by Lynn

Well it was one year on 22/12/12 that our lovely son luke was knocked down on his way home by an 78 year old woman, who drove on and didn't realise she had hit someone leaving our beloved only son lying in the road when another car came along and ran over him killing him. How do you get over this. People are strange and avoid you as they don't know what to say. We have got through christmas only for our two lovely daughters and two little grandsons. Everyone is of course still devastated cannot believe he is not going to walk through the door anytime soon.we have been to court and the judge took pity on the driver because of her age and ill health. I don't know how we carry on, we are lucky to have a lovely family. It's no better now than a year ago , still hard to believe. I feel for all that have to come this site, we never knew anything like this exists until it happens to you,but it's a good thing we can express ourselves. Love to all of lost adult children x

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Feb 11, 2014
Thank you
by: Lynn

I would like to thank so many of you that sent comments, it means so much that others understand what you are going through. May god give us all the strength to carry on without our beloved sons and daughters, I sure know we need it xx

Jan 06, 2014
lukes family x
by: Anonymousdianne

I am so sorry for your loss of your son Luke .Ă® lost my son Paul who was 21 July last year so the feelings we have at this time especially Paula birthday was the worst then I had to face Xmas which I was dreading but like yourselves I have another son only 5 and my sons daughter we have to go on for them my thoughts are with you all and in time I hope the pain we have lessens. X

Jan 06, 2014
Your son
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss, and so senseless. Any person that can hit a person with a car, and not know it should not be allowed to drive! I lost my son age 30, nine months ago and I know the sadness. Death is so permanent, and hopeless. My life is sad now, and I don't have the same desire to live. I'll always miss him, as I know everyone here that has lost someone will as well.

Jan 06, 2014
so sorry
by: Anonymous

dear Lyn
so sorry for the lose of your son, the law really is wrong and people seem to just get away with anything. Our son was also killed by a careless driver and he was not charged because the road was deemed as not up to standard, he failed to give way to Brendon and pulled out in front of him and knocked him off his motor bike, he then went on to sue our son because he said that he was not found at fault, the law is so wrong. It is now 2 years for us and it has not got much better, we still wait for him to come home, seems so unreal. Brendon was an organ donor and saved five others lives for Christmas in 2011 but that does not take away our pain and sorrow.
I hope you can move on if that is the right words to use and will be thinking of you and your family

Jan 05, 2014
Your son
by: Kate

Your son,so nice a picture you posted,I know how you miss him to the core. I lost my son Nov 2012 and yes you are right,we never knew this existed until we arrived here unhappily to post our pain and sorrow and lost way. We can never put it back like it was and have to find a new way to go one. We struggle with it. It is so hard. Only we know who live it,how hard it is to be shattered and try to go onward. My heart goes out to you over your son and to each on here. Cyber care. Kate

Jan 05, 2014
Loss of our Loved ones
by: Anonymous---MI

To Lynn and all we who have lost precious loved ones. I am so very sorry for the loss of your son, Luke. Life is not fair, not just and we will not understand why things happen as they do. I have not lost a child, but I lost my dear husband and best friend 13 mons ago to SCA.
He was a young 65 yr old, an educator, coach of baseball, friend and advisor to many people seeking his help and a loving grandfather to our 4 grandchildren. He was suddenly taken and left us in shock and disbelief that God would let this happen. As I read the stories of each person I realize that we all have many of the same emotions: fear, sadness, anger and bitterness---I have and still do experience all of these and more. What I know is that God set this world in motion and gave free will to all mankind. People use bad judgment and hurt others. Even well meaning physicians make big mistakes and cause the loss of our loves. God does not treat us as puppets and have us act one way or the other---He lets us act and do as we will with the Bible as our guide in how to live. God is a mighty God and in total control but He does not pull us from the way of an person driving who should not be. He does not give the Doctor the nudge to order tests in which to perhaps give a longer life to his patients. God does not heal every terminally ill baby, child, teen or adult at a wave of His hand. While He certainly is able He does not perform these acts like magic. Instead, God is real--He never leaves those of we who trust and have faith in Him and His promise of perfect eternity for us is real and true. He tells us in this life we will have troubles and sorrows but those of we who run the race with patience will have eternal peace and joy unimaginable to our human thoughts. My answer to our loss, our sorrow, our raw brutal grief is to look to God for His guidance; keep faithful to Him and when this life is over---we will see our loved ones and the face of Jesus. We will never have answers to why we have lost our loved ones--we will not understand this side of heaven but God is our all to hold on to until our perfect life comes in heaven. God be with all of we who suffer in grief.

Jan 05, 2014
One year anniversary of losing our son Luke
by: Doreen Uk

Lynn I am sorry for your loss of your beloved son Luke to a senseless death. This was such a cruel loss. Living here in the UK I am incensed daily by how the judges pass sentence and this angers many people. The judicial system is upside down and very unfair. This woman should have lost her license and not allowed to drive. I do show mercy but to those who need it. There should be an age when people stop driving. She drove without due care and attention to drive over something and not take time to investigate. To drive on shows a lack of sensitivity and decency and she should have had to pay the penalty for taking a life, despite her age. Had she stopped and cared more your son may have been saved. But it is no used treading here as it will make you feel as angry as I feel for you. You and your family having been robbed of a son and a brother to your daughters. Your family unit has been destroyed by carelessness. I am sorry for your loss and the loss of the siblings to having a brother. I have two daughter's and one son and would be devastated to lose a child. I lost my husband of 44yrs. to lung cancer caused by working with asbestos in the workplace. This is such a common loss now because of the 40yrs. mark of this disease developing into full blown MESOTHELIOMA. I feel angry. But at whom? Not enough was know about asbestos and its devastating effects on health. It is a killer and there is no remission. This type of cancer is always TERMINAL. I had to look into the face of my husband dying, whilst I cared for him for over 3yrs. I lost him 20 months ago. I feel my grief more now in stages even though I cope daily. I still can only take ONE DAY AT A TIME. Which I learned on this site and has got me up to now. I wish you Peace and comfort in your on going sorrow and grief.

Jan 05, 2014
Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I cried as I read your post and looked at the photo of your handsome son. I don't know what to say as it is beyond words. you have suffered so much.i am thinking of you and hope that in time you will be able to get through your grief. I know that it is very difficult for you even a year later. My aunt died young from cancer and I remember my grandmother saying that she took five years to get used to her not being there.Sometimes people don't know what to say to a bereaved family and they avoid them as they are awkward with the situation.Some people have avoided me since my mum died as they cannot deal with my tears. Best of luck in the future and I will keep you in my thoughts.Therese

Jan 04, 2014
by: Seana

Your post is so sad and your son Luke is such a beautiful young man... It is heartbreaking that someone so young and who added so much to life was taken away so senselessly. How could this ever be understood? He should be with you now... As beautiful as heaven may be, when your young, you should be granted to live a beautiful, fun youthful life... Not move to heaven... It's just all wrong....i wish I could take away your sadness and pain, but I know I can't... Please know that you are not alone, and if I could ever help you, I would... My beautiful 17 year old was also killed in a horrific, ignorant accident... I really do understand your thoughts and pain... I also agree that I am so sad for everyone who has to visit this site... It's so sad for us still here on Earth....we need our amazing sons back!!! Life was so much better with them here.......

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