Only 17

by No name
(Northbay )

It all started very fast I was 16 and my mom just changed in her personality a one day she was happy and the next she wasn't, she went into a deep depression. The she tried to overdose and didn't succeed . My sister , brother and I where happy she pulled through and wanted her to get help. She agreed she needed it and told us she was ready to get better for us because at this point she felt useless and like she wanted to just give up again. She went for some treatment but didn't get in right away she was one the list, when she tried overdosing again on her meds, she's staying at my uncles at the time and he took her to the hospital the revived her again and she pulled through! This was the second admired we then wanted her committed into the hospital because we were afraid she would do it again. She was put on first floor in the hospital where there she hung her self in the bathroom on a suicide watch floor . It's only been a month since I lost her ! And everyday I am ready to give up and end my life to be with her. I am only 17 and my father isn't apart of my life ! Idk what to do with myself. Help

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Jun 01, 2013
Only 17
by: Anonymous

Dear young Lady
Do not give up, seek help,At times we go through difficult moments which are very hard to understand. Seek help of a professional, do not stay alone to let your mind go erratic into destructive thoughts, find a pass time that you enjoy and if you do not have one try to find one. Read write, paint, adopt a pet, find a support group. Be strong; this as hard as it may feel can make a strong being that at some point will be of help to others that like you have gone through a terrible night mare.Ending your life will not change anything but holding on to life and finding a purpose will be of growth and fulfillment to you soul. You are young and the world need young people like you to make a difference, raise awareness and change the way mental illness and suicide is managed today.

May 31, 2013
With love
by: Jay

Dear friend, You are so young to cope with such shock and grief.

Please remember your mum was ill and it was nobodys's fault.

I will keep this simple, as the last thing in the world you need is long messages making comparisons at this desperate time.

Please, please ring the Samaritians, a tutor or someone.

You cannot deal with this alone. When you visit your doctor tell him you wish to be supported. Many surgeries have counsellors who help with sudden bereavment.

Thinking of you. Jay

May 31, 2013
Only 17
by: Doreen U.K.

Dear broken hearted young lady I am so sorry for your and your siblings loss of your mother to suicide. I can feel your pain and sorrow and know what you are going through. I lost my nephew of 30yrs. of age 6yrs. ago to suicide. He was suffering depression and put on medication that carried suicidal feelings. He threw himself in front of an express train. he couldn't hold on to life. I know how he felt also because I have suffered with depression for over 40yrs. I got to the point I was ready to end my life and I got help in time via a psychologist/counsellor who worked with me and I got my life back in ways I can't describe. For the first time in my 45yrs. I was able to live for the first time. I know what it is to feel so depressed and know what it is like to be FREE of depression and go on in life. Which is why my heart is filled with sadness for you and your family and all the other families out there who lose a loved one to suicide through depression when help is out there but very slow in coming and too expensive for some to take up.
Try and see a grief counsellor so that you can expel this sadness and receive assisted help to move forward in time. Remember that you will go through a lot of sadness and grief but it won't last. Each day it will get easier. Cry all you need to as this is how you will heal from your loss. Stay close to your siblings as you need to support each other and build a strong bond that will take you all through your loss. It is the worst pain ever to lose your mother but to lose her this way so suddenly when you put in place her best welfare to make her safe by being in hospital. This is what will be hard to bear. Don't suffer any guilt. Living with a depressed person is very hard to go through. It puts a strain and stress on the family dealing with this. You have all done well in getting the help your mother needed. You had her best interests at heart and so you need to feel proud of yourself for this. I hope and pray that God watches over you all and helps you all to heal from the loss of your mother.

May 30, 2013
Only 17
by: Anonymous

I am very sorry for your loss of your Mom. Go to a trusted person (relative--clergy person--a teacher--some adult that you have faith in and can talk to) and let them know that you are seeking help in dealing with the loss of your Mom. But, before you do that; ask God to help you in your distress and sorrow and ask Him to lead and guide you out of this darkness. He will answer your prayer in His own way and in His own time. Bless you

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