Oscar González, age 56, my dad...

by Cristina González
(Monterrey, Mex)

It all started a year and a half ago... back in August, 2007. He started feeling ill so my mom took him to the hospital to do some tests, you know, nothing bad... just checking everything was fine and he was having an infection or something stupid like that.

First doctors thought it was tuberculosis... nope, it wasn't... well, what about hyperparathryroidism?... no, that's not it either... then wtf is it?!?! Suddenly, they reached to a conclusion... it was cancer, of course it was!!

My dad and I always joked about cancer, about how he was ending up having it because he smoked and so. But when they said it actually was cancer, the whole world came down on me. I just couldn’t believe it… why my dad? He is the best dad, he is a nice person, he always does the right thing… why him?!

Ok nevermind… we thought we were strong enough to take it, so be it… Chemo started, treatment after treatment, doctors, consultations, medication… we arrive to first Chritmas! It was fine…

Next year, welcome 2008. We were fine by then. Next came his bday. He was getting a little crazy since he was used to traveling and up and down all day at his job. Now he was confined to a bed all day, he couldn’t do anything else, he was always tired and even throwing up, so he had to be resting all day.

Finally, at the end of May he could return to work… he was feeling better and his cancer was getting in control. We, and specially me, were happy as you can’t imagine. My life was getting so much better.

Summer was great… everything was fine until November… he started feeling bad again… I thought “no big deal, is just the cancer striking back… it’s all part of the process”.

This Christmas was the worst… we had to spend it only the 3 of us (since we’re not from here, we always go to my aunt’s house in my parents’ hometown… but this time that didn’t happen). I don’t get along a lot with my mom… so it was a little hell for me… but oh well, all because my dad asked me to behave and to be a nice girl… all right, I did it.

New Year, we went to San Antonio as my dad wished; we didn’t do much because he was feeling ill almost all the time… so I spent New Year’s Eve alone… well, but a bunch of people celebrating, but I didn’t know who the heck they were… a little sad though.

It was January again… his bday…. Now he spent it while having chemo, what a nice gift.
February… he had to check himself in to the hospital, he was getting worse… he came out but a week later got in again, that was the last time he was getting in…

I don’t like to remember this a lot, so I will simply say that on March 17 he passed away. It was a living hell to see him suffering for a whole week, so I asked my mom and the nurses to stop helping him to breathe, just to leave him alone and to die in peace… so it happened.

He was the best dad in the whole world, he helped so many people, he was excellent in his job… I just couldn’t understand why this happened to him.

Now it’s almost 2 months since that… I’m almost over the process but I still cry when I remember him, he was my everything, the most important man in my life… thank God I study medicine and could understand this better.

Now… I guess I just think it was for the best… I love u dad!!!! =)

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