Our beloved Carmelo. Ripped from our lives too early.

by Moni Ginn
(Ithaca, NY, USA)

Carmelo waiting to go for a walk.

Carmelo waiting to go for a walk.

Two days ago our wonderful dog Carmelo was lethargic and didn't get excited to go for a walk. At least not physically. I knew something was wrong. I got him to the vet 3 hours later and she just shook her head and said that he was bleeding internally and would not last much longer. I was so devastated. I could hardly breathe, but I tried to listen to our options and if we were to keep him alive he would suffer more and more.

I had to make a decision and I was scared and heart-broken. I wanted my daughter, 17, to be part of this decision. The vet, bless her heart, told me to get her, quickly. I rushed to the school and brought her back. She bargained with the vets, now two of them were involved, and realized at the end that we needed to let our Carmelo go. Before he suffered more. He couldn't even lift his head anymore and all he wanted to do was to comfort us because he saw that we were in pain.

I had to make the hardest decision of my life and let him go. My daughter wanted some time with him alone, but didn't want to be there for the end. I was with him to the very end and stroked his head, looked in his eyes and told him how much we loved him and what a good dog he is. And then he was gone.

We are left with so much pain over losing him. We can't eat, sleep, enjoy anything. He was my daughter's protector and playmate. He was my walking buddy and best friend. We love him so much that it is breaking our hearts not to have him with us. The house is so empty and he is not greeting us at the door when we come home. We are hurting so much. He was a family member and our family is small. Me, my daughter and our cat Chancey. Without Carmelo here I don't know how I'm ever gonna be "normal" again. We miss him so much that words can't really express. He was only 7 years old.

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Oct 22, 2011
i know what you feeling..
by: Holly

i can relate 100000%.. my babygirl was ripped away way too early as well. she was only 4. She died in her sleep. we have no idea why nor do the doctors.

The shock i feel, the pain, i cry and cry every second. id GIVE ANYTHING to be with her again. i dont think ill EVER get over this. she was the light of my life. she was my world. she made me so happy wen things were bad. i cant believe shes gone.

But your NOT ALONE. you will NEVER 4get ur baby and nor will i. there memory will live on forever. their spirits always with us. its the hardest thing ever.. :(

email me if you or ur daughter ever want to talk.

God bless <3

Sep 23, 2010
What remains
by: Moni

It's been ten days since Carmelo died and today I picked up his ashes. They are in a pretty, carved wooden box. That's all that remains from his body. But what remains in my heart and in my daughter's heart is his spirit. His spirit is what touched us and I believe that his spirit lives on. It gives me comfort to think that he is probably running around like a puppy and making his funny noises that sound like a cow is mooing. We always laughed at the way he mooed like a cow, pranced like a horse, had a tail like a tail-a-copter and was fast like a cheetah. He also was loving and showed us comfort when we were sad. Protected us when we were alone and walked me everyday so I would get my exercise. What a blessing to have had you Melo. I wish we could have spent more time together and I hope I will see you again. I love you Carmelo.

Sep 22, 2010
sorry you lost Carmelo...
by: Lindy

You are right it is hard to grieve your pet when those around you are thinking or saying, it's just a dog. My pup was my constant companion and I talked to him all the time and now he is gone. I will miss him forever. I know you will miss your dear Carmelo forever too.

Sep 20, 2010
So sorry for your loss of your dog
by: Anonymous

I so know your pain we lost our beloved dog in march, she died suddenly at the age of five. Life can be so cruel. We too found it hard to cope without her, but life does go on and it does get easier with time it is ok to cry; for us it has been six months without her and I still cry but now I can see past her tragic horrible death and remember the great times we had with her and smile again. You to will get through it, be strong I believe we will see our gorgeous doggy angels in heaven one day.

Sep 17, 2010
by: Mari

I am very sorry about the loss of your beautiful dog. He looks so sweet in the picture. What I can tell you is that he will be in heaven because the Bible says that ''The lion shall lay down with the lamb.''God did not create animals for no reason. He loves everything He created. Obviously you lavished love on Carmelo and God will bless you for that. It is wonderful how you valued your daughters input as regards Carmelo.You are a great mom, no doubt.
Time heals but you must go through it. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. My prayers are with you.
You sort of remind me of myself the way you value your daughter. I ask my daughters opinion on everything. She is 33, alot older then your daughter but still my beautiful little girl even tho she is grown.My other daughters live in other parts of California.
I know losses are hard to take.You will do fine with the Lord on your side. Take care.

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