Our Beloved Mother Ann

by Kevin
(Fargo - ND)

Our 72 year old Mother passed away Sunday April 15th, 2012 after a severe stroke and heart attack. She was the heartbeat of the family. She had never been sick in all the 48 years I have been alive, perhaps a 4 day cold was all. She was so young at heart and active. She lived life like a woman half her age. The morning my father found her not responding still seems not real at all. She was rushed to the hospital.

We were told she had a severe stroke and heart attack that late morning of April 4th, 2012. Our family was in total shock. How could our healthy beautiful Mother possibly be this ill? I drove to the hospital in my parents home town which was 80 miles from me. I walked into the ER and was told my mother was in ICU, again total shock and disbelief.

I walked into her room and saw my beautiful Mother looking lifeless and still. She was breathing and had stable vital signs, there was hope. Over the next 4 days she was able to open her eyes and eat soft foods. She did not speak more than a few words. On April 10th we were told Mothers heart had failed as a result of her heart attack. The Dr.s said in her weak condition nothing could be done. She was given just 48 hrs to live. Again another unfathomable blow that would prove to be one that would take her life.

We gathered around her bedside and said our final goodbyes on April 12th, 2012. The pain we felt and the vision we looked upon at the woman in the hospital bed was our beloved Mother, but somehow our minds were protecting us from this even seeming real. The next day after Mothers feeding tube was removed I stayed in her hospital room alone with her until 3:00am. Mother had been much stronger than the Dr.s had anticipated. I read from the Bible to her, I prayed with her, I sang to her. I knew these last few hours together would be our last. I kissed her on the forehead and said a final prayer. I thanked Mother for bringing so much love into this world and into our lives & hearts. I looked at her breathing heavily and turned to leave her room. I drove home one hour in the dark of night feeling like I was living a very bad dream.

Our beautiful Mother Ann passed away April 15th, 2012 at 11:15am. She was buried on April 17th, 2012. It has been barely a day since her burial and what has happened has simply not fully sunk in. If I tell myself that my Mother has passed away it does not seem real. I pray for the strength to come to terms with this reality. I pray for my father who had been with my mother for 53 years. He is so lost and simply half alive right now, I'm sure his heart & spirit are shattered.

I will always love and cherish my Mother, I know she is in a wonderful and peaceful place in Heaven. We will miss you Mother. You were the light in our lives and hearts.

-Your Son

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Apr 22, 2012
my mom too
by: cheryl

My Mom too, her service march 10th 2012. she was sick for 8 months, so for 8 months we endured hosp. trip after trip after trip, after trip, it was so hard on all of us, then at the end we got hospice. so for 3 weeks we watched her starve to death. I wish she would of gone suddenly,but then like you say it happened to suddenly, no warning. well we had warning 8 months of it, and it was awful. I think suddenly or drawn out makes no difference. I think grief is grief no matter how it happens or how old you are, or how young you are. It hits us all the same. ask jesus christ for help, it helped me, am i cured no, but I now have hope. if we live our lives to see jesus, we have hope. before some young man told me this yesterday, I had no hope. I was supposed to meet him yesterday, I was too sad and lost.

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