Our buddy Baylee

by Jess

Our hearts are broken over the loss of our beloved Boxer, Baylee. He was only 9 but diagnosed with cardiomyopathy about 1.5 years ago so we knew this could happen at any time even though he seemed healthy until the minute he passed. You can never prepare for losing your best friend!!
We rescued Baylee when he was about a year old. He was an unhousebroken, ill mannered mess but we fell in love with his sweet boxer face and took him in. He blossomed into the best dog I think I'll ever meet. He was one in a million. Always looking to please and protect me and my husband, he was always by our sides. A big goofball with more personality than some people I've met. He loved playing, running around like a maniac with a toy in his mouth... We said from day one that he would die of sheer excitement - his heart would just explode one day. And that's just about what happened.
I had just gotten home and Baylee was waiting on the couch for me. He was excited as ever to see me and started running around with his brother, Bruno. Within minutes I had heard a yelp so small it didn't even alarm me but when I went to investigate, he was already gone. I am comforted in knowing he died doing what he loved and so quickly and painlessly. But the hole he has left in my heart seems almost unbearable right now. We are reminded of him everywhere we turn. The tears just won't stop...

Baylee knew he was loved, forever curled up in the crook of my knees, watching tv. I hope that wherever he is, he's running around with an endless supply of toys, frosty paws and peanut butter. Little buddy, mommy and daddy miss you and we can't wait to see you again someday!

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Nov 03, 2012
baylee sweetheart
by: Laura

Jess, thank you for your comment on my page. I miss Zeus everyday, and am sorry to hear about your beloved boxer. It was terrible to see him struggling with his heart. We tried to do everything we could to bring him out of it, but to no avail. I know what you are going through.We will always miss our babies.I cry every day, but at least he isn't suffering anymore. I guess God needed a pair of watchdogs.
Take care and God bless. Laura

Oct 31, 2012
Broken heart X2
by: Anonymous

I can relate so much to your broken heart cuz mine is too. Your dog sounds amazing. I am very sorry for you if your heart feels even half as heavy as mine does. My dog was amazing too. Somehow your remembrance is perfect. Well said thanks.

Oct 28, 2012
Our buddy Baylee
by: Doreen U.K.

Jess I am sorry for your loss of your beautiful
boxer Baylee. LOSS is the worst PAIN EVER. It is so unbearable. This is the high cost of LOVE. I can't bear my loss of my husband 5 months ago. I know how you feel. Losing someone whether person or pet is the same grief and the same pain and lonliness.
May you find better days ahead in your grief where you will be supported well by caring family and friends till your grief is bearable and you are able to move on.
R.I.P. Baylee.

Oct 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

Jess -

Your story of Baylee touched my heart. So sorry for your loss.

Debi M.

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