Our Charming Charlie

by melissa

our beautiful Charming Charlie

our beautiful Charming Charlie

We lost our gorgeous Golden Retriever Charlie on the 6th of March 2015.He was 9yrs and 7 months old.It has taken me this long to write about Charlie because we are still as devastated today as we were 12 weeks ago.He was such a fantastic ,loving ,gentle dog,our best friend.He started coughing in Dec 2014 so we took him straight to the vet he thought Charlie had a chest infection and gave us antibiotics a couple of days on he was worse so we took him back to the vets who agreed with us and said he was glad we hadn't waited the week.Charlie was put on a drip and immediately picked up,we were so relieved but the vet said he needed to investigate further doing blood tests which to our relief came back with good news,no cancer etc.our relief was short lived when Charlie was booked in for a ECG.we were stunned when the vet told us Charlie's heart was enlarged and fluid was collecting in his lungs .The vet warned us we may only have a couple of months with our baby but with a concoction of drugs he started to get better,he couldn't go for walks but was energetic and happy pottering around the house and garden but the day came no one was expecting.Charlie had spent the day wandering in the garden while our daughter was doing some college work ,she said they had been together all day enjoying each others company ,this gave us some comfort later.I came home from work and he barked at me for a treat ,it was one of our rituals !Giving him a cuddle I rushed of to the hairdressers ,something I will always regret and feel guilty about ,told him I would see him soon.when I got home later I was greeted by my husband and children ,but no Charlie,he had gone to sleep in his favourite spot in the hallway and not woke up ,my husband took him to the vet to confirm we had lost our special puppy ,the vet gave "Charming Charlie "as he was known at the vets a kiss goodbye .I can't get over the loss I feel ,he was there for me when I was ill with Breast Cancer in 2013 ,never leaving my side ,I wish I could have saved him .His brother lives with my mum and dad,which is hard to deal with now I don't have my CharlsterI can't imagine ever getting over this loss.Thank you Charlie for being my best friend ever xxx

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