Our dog Jack

by Graham Jones
(Formby, liverpool, UK)

It's not normally our style to post our story online but having read some of the articles on here, we found they helped us. So here is the story of our loss of our little boy Jack.

Jack had to be put asleep on Monday 31st March 2014, having suffered a lot of pain over the last few years. He damaged his cruciate ligament about 3 years ago after an operation and jack was never the same dog again. We got jack as puppy and enjoyed every minute of jack's life. He gave us comfort at a time when we needed it the most. When jack was younger he was quite mischievous but always the most loveable character and healthy dog.

The four of us, myself, my wife and two daughters would have done anything for jack and never put him in kennels when we went away. We always had to find a cottage that took dogs. Jack visited more parts of the country than most humans can do in a lifetime. Every holiday was really precious but the final one recently on the Isle of Skye. Although it was his last it was possibly jacks best.

Putting jack to sleep because of a disc being dislodged in his back and facing another operation. We swore we would never put jack through anymore pain, so the decision to end jacks life was the hardest one we could ever take but absolutely the right one for jack.

We don't think it will ever be the right one for us as we always wanted jack here. We have all cried like never before since jack went. We know it's stupid but we can't help it. We know jack will never fade from our hearts and memories will live forever with us.

A day or two ago we didn't know how we would ever live without jack, despite knowing we took the right decision. We couldn't see any future or bear to be without him.

Ignorant people may say ' it's only a dog' but it was never only a dog and never will be in our hearts. It's feels slightly disloyal to consider another dog but we have so much love to give. We would be foolish not too.

We now know, it's ok to cry over a pet because somehow it's the only thing that can make us feel better. If our story helps one person, then it will have been worth putting our hearts out online.

We do hope we can move on and if we do, we will update how we are doing in a few months. We will always love and miss our dog as a little part of us died when jack did.

We all love you jack. goodnight, god bless.

Graham, Val, Nicky and Millie, formby, liverpool, uk

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May 24, 2014
Understanding your grief
by: Michelle M

I just happened to come across this while searching for something to help me deal with this tremendous loss to our family.I totally understand
your feelings concerning your loss.I too was just feeling so overwhelmed by it all.You have my complete sympathy concerning Jacks death.He sounds just like our beloved Pepsi Cola.May your hearts heal and keep his memory alive.RIP Jack and Pepsi Cola.

Apr 04, 2014
Westie called Dixie dying of cancer
by: Doreen UK

Graham I am glad you told your story. It is never stupid to cry over your Jack. He was as precious to you as any person or pet would be. You need to honour how your feel even if people don't accept this is "just a dog" A pet is for life (however long this may be).
My sister called today to say her Westie called Dixie has Cancer and nothing more can be done. It is in his eye now. My sister is in pieces as I feel also. Her grief and mine start now the day of diagnosis. She is dreading the day she has to have him put down.

Apr 04, 2014
The Lord is my strength
by: Anonymous

Hello there "Our Dog Jack" well I take it Jack is a Jack Russell Terrier, well at least with the name Jack sounds like it. Well I have a Jack Russell Terrier, and it is a gift from my husband, who died 2 yrs. ago of Lieukima, and if my dog Lulu ever left I think I be a mess, she and my cat Blacky are who keep me going, and they give such unconditional love. No it isn't foolish or stupied to cry over a pet, as a matter a fact I have had several pets in my life, and Rocky my 1st dog was a half german shephard and collie, well when we put him down, our hearts broke in many pieces. I also have had 2 cats who have died as well, and I have 2 buried in Napa valley called "Bubbling Well Cemetery" for animals or pets. I have one buried in my back yard, as a matter a fact my husband had to buried it, because the neighbor 3 houses down is the one who actually killed our cat, but I don't want to go into that, because it makes me angry, but the Lord is my vindicator. I feel your pain, because it feels like you can't breath, and everytime you think of your precious Jack it feels as if though you can't grasp for air yourself's so my condolences for your lost of your precious Jack. Animals are GOD's lovely creatures, and they bring joy to one's heart, as well as theraphy to so many. So my thoughts are with you. I believe Jack is now in heaven. They say when one die's our pets our the first one's to run and greet us. May you fine courage and strength in this grieving moments of your life's. The Lord is my strength.

Apr 03, 2014
Our dog Jack
by: Doreen UK

Graham I am sorry for your loss of Jack. I was afraid of dogs and never could understand a person's relationship with a pet. Until my daughter walked in one day with 2 cockatiels which became 11. I then gave them to an aviary for their best care in a larger environment. Best experience having a pet. It broke down all my misunderstanding and fear and I adore these little darlings. I have such a compassionate hearts for most pets. Dogs are so loving and forgiving. They are adorable. I say a God Bless You all who have given a pet a home and loved them till death. You are all so brave and very special people. Graham I am sorry for your loss. give it time to heal and then go and buy another dog/pet to love and continue to have that special relationship with. I hope you heal from your loss and sorrow of losing Jack.

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