Our Gift: Baby Angel

by Christa and Aaron Ford
(Oak Harbor, WA, USA)

Our dear, as yet unmet baby. Let me rephrase this...we met you through our imaginations of being in Heaven with you...of seeing you whole, healthy, happy, dressed in white and glowing. You are in God's kingdom! Praise God! In September of 2010, we were visiting your great grandma Darrow, as well as your Noni, Papa and Aunt Nat and Uncle Stephen in Arizona. On September 12th, I anxiously took a pregnancy test in the bathroom of Albertsons, and it came out positive!! Your big sister Trinity was with me, and we were SO EXCITED!! We came back to the hotel and I wrote a very special card for your Daddy and included the pregnancy test. We could hardly believe our mind and eyes...our fifth baby? WOW!! Your older sisters Trinity, Faith and Corynne, as well as older brother Russell were so excited, too, to meet you and to welcome you into our happy home!! I had nausea and tender emotions already!! So, we told our family there, and took a gorgeous family picture the next day, the only one that I remember taking while you were living in my womb!! We spent the ride back to WA so excited about your immanent birth and about your life!! We were incredulous and joyful! But, after arriving back in CA, on day 24 of your existence, I started bleeding bright red blood. I couldn't believe it! You were dying, or had already died!! We had never lost ay of our babies before to miscarriage, although Faith's was a threatened miscarriage. We were devastated! But, this page is to honor and highlight your LIFE! You were given to us, our baby Angel from Heaven, and ever since you entered into and then left our lives so soon, we have held you in our hearts so closely!! We mention you all the time in prayer, you are an active part of our family! You actually now get to be with one of your siblings because in December of 2012 (as you know!!) on December 22nd, your big sis or brother, baby Jordan, joined you there! About the exact number of days gestation!! I know you two are having a blast up there with Jesus, and even though I have blamed You and been mad at You for allowing their deaths, please forgive me, Jesus! I know now You have! I know they are Your precious creations, and what You see best IS best!! I love You, Jesus, and thank You so much for taking care of our precious babies in Heaven, and that one glorious day, since we know and believe in You, we will all be reunited in Heaven, worshiping You before Your throne, together as a full family of 10, never apart again! WHAT JOY!!! Daddy and Mommy LOVE you, Baby Angel and Happy Birthday, baby!! You turned 2 this last June, like Mommy turned 37 in June! Happy Birthday, and I and Daddy cannot WAIT to celebrate birthdays with you and your brothers and sisters in Heaven! Til' we meet face to face, Your Mommy and Daddy, Aaron and Christa Ford, and Trinity, Faith, Russell, Corynne, Hope and baby AJ to be born in Jan 2013!

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