Our Girl

by Patricia
(Brenham. TX )

Linda had just turned fifty-one years old when she died after a 6 1/2 year battle with ovarian cancer. We held her in our arms as she passed to her heavenly home. We will never be the same, but we all did our best to keep her here. Her wonderful, skilled doctor did all he could with a cancer that had reached stage 3-C before she was diagnosed. During those 6 1/2 years, she married for the first time, had a happy marriage, continued to work and loved her friends and her church. At first, she visited us at our home as much as possible (a four hour drive), but during the last 2 years, she begin to have many problems. Her last year was filled with many hospital visits, blood transfusions, electrolyte imbalances, and much medicine. After Christmas her doctor advised her that he had done all that he could and referred her to hospice. After her final hospital stay, she came home and was nursed for 3 days and nights by wonderful hospice nurses. She died at 7:15 AM on January 20, 2014.

What a blessing she was to us, and we thank God for giving us the gift of raising her and loving her for those 51 year. We are told that we will never get over her loss, but will learn to live with it. That is encouraging. We now know that we have experienced the worst loss that can befall a parent and it hurts. But, as Christians, we claim the promise that we will see her again.

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Apr 08, 2014
Your daughter
by: Kate

My heart goes out to you, I lost my son at 39. I know no other pain as deep as losing your child. Hold one another and know it will not be easy but we do heal in time as much as I hate to write it, we learn as time goes on how to carry this horrible load better.

Apr 06, 2014
Our Girl
by: Doreen UK

Patricia I am so sorry for your loss of your daughter at such a young age. It is the heaviest burden for a parent to have to lay their child/adult child to rest. The order of the universe was that parents died before their children. This has somehow reversed and the universe dictates the changes taking place. Having a strong belief in God and His Ways does help us to have the Faith and strength to go on. It is the most painful experience we may ever have to go through. Know that God is with you holding you up despite the tears and pain. I have developed a stronger faith through my pain. But the pain of losing my husband is the worst pain I will ever go through. I pray to God to keep my 3 Adult children safe. I couldn't bear this loss. I often wonder how JOB (in the Bible) coped with losing 10 children. I sometimes like to analyse his life and see if I can develop some strength from his experience, that will give me the vision to know that we pass through this life with many sorrows but God sustains us throughout and lifts our burdens on his back when we have had enough and can't bear any more. God suffered this grief also when he gave up his Son to die for us and even though Christ rose again in triumph. God still suffered the grief of his Son's death. Jesus said from the cross "My God!" "My God!" why have you forsaken me. We will many times feel forsaken by God when we need Him the most. But it is in these times he leaves us for His purposes to be fulfilled. WE do become stronger in our suffering.
You were blessed to have a beautiful daughter. She was happy and secure in your love for her so she died knowing this love and the Love of her Heavenly Father. Just knowing that we will see Jesus again and be re-united with our Loved ones helps us cope with our grief. This is just a journey we pass through in life, though painful it is and we wish often we did not have to bear this pain. Jesus promised us. "This too will Pass" May God sustain and comfort you all as a family and give you His Peace.

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