Our Little Banana

This just happened this morning about 12 hours ago and it is also so fresh and awful still. My mother had this beautiful outdoor stray cat, white and orange cream colored which we called Banana. He was always so afraid and never let anyone touch him until recently. He was starting to gain trust. This morning i woke to my mother crying; someone hit Banana with their car and left him (or he crawled) in the bushes across the street. She found him with blood dropping from his mouth and nose; internal injuries. I didn't see him myself but the pain of hearing this is so awful - and he wasn't even really ours! He was just some poor stray guy who didn't have a chance.

I feel so bad because I was joking yesterday when I fed him and told him "I don't think you're as cute as everybody else does", Iknow they're just words but they hurt and I hope he didn't understand. I miss him and it just makes me realize how much it is going to hurt when I lose my beautiful Italian Greyhounds one day. Why does it hurt so much when pets die? And why don't people look where they're going when they drive? I just beg God that he did not suffer but i am worried he may have felt pain. RIP Banana... Go to the bridge <3

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Mar 11, 2013
Little Banana
by: Diane

I'm so very, very sorry for your loss. I have no answers for you because I have the same questions as you do. Please know their are others who will share your pain. You and your mother gave Banana love when no one else would, he was happy. It doesn't matter WHAT you say to a cat, he could hear the love in your voice. I, too, pray he didn't suffer, but he was found by someone he loved and that is a good thing. RIP little Banana, wait for your loved ones at the Rainbow Bridge!

Mar 09, 2013
Our Little Banana
by: Doreen U.K

I am so sorry for your loss of your pet Banana. OH! How it hurts so much. I know how you feel. I have lost many birds and had to bury them. I had a cage of 11 Cockatiels and what a lovely experience. We lost a lovebird called Ben. I saw him struggle to climb the cage and almost wanted to help him. I watched over him till I could stand it no more and reached into the cage and cupped him in my hands telling him I loved him. He died in my hands and my world broke apart in ways I can't explain. The love we have for our pets is so different from our human family. I had to bury many a bird in the garden and my heart is broken by this. I now feel over 50 birds each morning and they are the love of my life and many a bird I have had to pick up off the lawn and bury. I remember racing to the vets with the bird only to be told the injuries were so bad they had to put it down.
I don't keep pets at the moment. Can't face this pain. WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH? I don't know. One question I want to ask God when we meet. I don't think your pet would have suffered. The body goes into shock which is the way we don't feel pain till later. Banana would have died before this pain set in. He is not in pain now so this is just your grief. WE all feel the same way when in grief. The What ifs? the Why's? But it is LIFE. And life can be very painful when we experience loss. You will recover in time. Grief doesn't last forever.

Mar 08, 2013
by: Anonymous

Please, please don't torture yourself my friend. Whatever suffering Banana endured at the end of his life was over the moment he went to Rainbow Bridge. I truly believe that once through we have no memory of pain or fear and we are free to remember those we love and who cared for us in this life without sadness. Banana is safe, he is happy and he will be waiting. Take comfort in those thoughts if you can. x

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