Our little spunky kitten Millie

My husband and I found Millie in the woods this past May when she was no more than a pound and a few weeks old. She and her brothers and sisters had been abandoned and left to fend for themselves and while we tried to rescue all of them, Millie was the only one who would let us near her.

We took her home, cared for her and in a few weeks time she became best friends with our two dogs. The three of them would play for hours around the apartment. Millie was by far the most beautiful cat I had ever seen with brown, black and orange markings all over, everyone who met her was struck by her unique beauty.

While my husband was raised with cats, I was never "a cat person", preferring dogs for as long as I can remember. Millie slowly worked her way into my heart and now I cannot imagine ever disliking cats. Millie would sit and purr on my lap for hours.

A little over a month ago we moved out of the city and into a house with a yard. We started letting Millie out in the yard and she was in heaven exploring the area, pouncing on bugs and climbing trees. She would spend 12+ hours out at a time and would always come home and announce her arrival by meowing loudly at the door or window. Last week we let her out at night and by the next afternoon she had still not returned. We started to get nervous and went around the neighborhood with our dogs calling for her. By nighttime she still hadn't returned and I started getting a very bad feeling.

The next day I couldn't help but think the worst, I posted signs all around town, visited the pound and started going door to door showing neighbors her picture. Four days later a neighbor called me saying they saw a sign with my Millie's picture on it that read "is this your pet, if so call." I immediately called the number and when the woman called me back she told me that she had found my Millie near her house crying the morning after we had let her out. She had lost her collar in the night so the woman didn't know who to contact.

The woman took Millie in and tried to help her but was not able to. She died that night. My husband and I think that she must've been poisoned-perhaps by anti-freeze, which I guess is common in the fall.

I just cannot understand how this could happen to such a sweet, playful KITTEN! She was still so young and got a second chance at life when we rescued her. Her time here on earth was so short, I just cannot wrap my brain around it.

I have been in tears all week, crying at work, in the car, everywhere. I cannot believe that this happened, I just keep thinking she'll come home and be playing with our dogs in the yard again. I miss her so much. Rest in peace, sweet Millie girl. You were loved so much more than your short little life lasted. Your sweetness and love turned me into a "cat person" and I will never forget you.

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Jun 05, 2013
I feel your pain
by: Nadine Roundtree

I too lost my outdoor cat recently. I haven't found her nor do i know what happened to her. I too have been crying at home, in the car, and at work. I work in Customer Relations, cashering and just started crying in front of a customer. I had to apologize and thankfully he seemed sympathetic. I have been so emotional lately and can't sleep. I'm really sorry you lost your little Millie. Cats are such adventurous creatures and i believe smart. They know how to escape a lot of dangers. Unfortunately some things they don't know about. I hope your kitten's death wasn't intentional. I say that because i'm not sure of some of our neighbors. I hope you can find some peace soon. It is still to early for me. Nadine

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