Our Love Together

by Hope M Holt
(Tappahannock VA)

Our Life Together

Our Life Together

This is a picture of total happiness.

This is what I was forever ago.

The man of course My Husband My Life

Hence the Huge Smile.

I was Once whole, Contented regardless of the day.

He was every bit as Handsome and Wonderful.

I Loved him with all that I was or ever would be.

And Still Do...


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Oct 27, 2011
Our Love

Oct 27, 2011

Life goes on or so they say. Halloween is close so the pangs of grief try to stab my heart. I have grown an armor trying to keep grief at bay but today, such a fine Oct Day to be sure! I miss you and it turns my heart gray. I sigh, I try and go back to making this house mine that was once ours...
I miss you My Love and probably always will
Your wife forever...

Oct 15, 2010
by: Krissy

This is my favorite picture of you and daddy. This picture always reminded me of how happy you made my dad and how happy he made you. I've told you before, but I will tell you again, because it is always true.

It's a couple like you and daddy that reminds me that we can find love (even in this F-d up world we have now...) The way you guys did everything together and looked at each other, it was like you were newlyweds everyday. You two were the definition of what Love is and what Love should be. I have something to look forward to because of you guys <3

Oct 10, 2010
The memories strangle me
by: Hope

I look at this Picture often. I say good morning to it. Of course I do look around to make sure that no one is looking. Sometimes it is just a whisper. I don't want to be one of those CRAZY widows with 40 cats that are her darlings that rants,raves and talks to her dead husband 30 years later.....But I can see that all the same.

I feel such mixed emotions that differ from the ones previously. I don't know if this is acceptance but I fight it with all my might.

I feel that I haven't the right to start life anew.
That life without him is no life at all.
He was my life so how can there be...

life after death, my life after his death.

I am going out to the garage today.
The place that I avoid as much as possible, his place his space. Our son will carry on the decoration responsibilities. He will take over decorating the yard for Halloween. But I must pull all the masks, strobe lights, toxic barrels,
fog machines out.

He asked are we having a party this year
I did not cry, I just said no. What fun we had bringing in the fall the crisp weather family here celebrating the change of the weather, Lots of food, Love and Laughs.

I can't cry now...Boo is in the next room and he has seen many a tear, he tries to stop them. So I hold them in when I can. For a more "convenient time"

I have picked up the book Back to Life...And shall read it again to find my way through this stage. It is most painful, as if it burns my very being to go through it.


Oct 03, 2010
My love to you.
by: Anonymous

I know what you are feeling. I know how the pain can become so intense that breathing seems an effort. Losing someone, someone that we have given our souls and love to, well I never thought it would happen. The love that you shared, priceless.

There is no greater pain. This I know. They tell us time heals, I wonder if it does, or if in our mind we see it as one day closer to our joining with them again? Feeling their love, gazing into the eyes of the person that you know will never hurt you.

I am here, I dont like it. I know I have to accept it, and move forward. For now I will, for him.

In time, I hope it will be for me.
I feel your pain.....I honor your love.
Grieve, and love. If ever you would like to talk, do not hesitate.

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