Our New Grandson Danny Boy

by Rick
(Kenmore NY)

Well its going on 7 weeks since i lost the love of my life Marsha. She only 2 wishes 1 see her grandson be born, and watch the grandsons play baseball one last time. Marsha passed away 2-13-11 never getting to see Daniel born 4-2-11. Our son in law Ryan who she loved very much told her, she could name the baby. Marsha told us xmas day his name would be Daniel. Then my daughter said to her you love Elvis so much, we will call him Daniel Presily Gallivan. Well Danny boy is here 7lbs2oz, mother and baby doing great. As for the baseball i will be sitting alone, pray to God i get through the first few games. Starting to cry again so . got to end this. Thank you all for your kindness. May God Bless And may he keep us all in his heart. Rick

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Apr 05, 2011
Welcome Danny Boy!


The Summer before my husband became ill we began to go to baseball games. He loved as hard as he worked. When we knew that surgery was imminent for a brain aneurysm we went to what might possible have been our last game. The look on his face as we went I shall never forget.

So...months after Pauls death I had decided that I needed to scrape any semblance of courage and take our son to a game. The memories where overwhelming and I was sure I would loose my mind.
We were chosen to play a between innings game on the field, catching water balloons. I was trying to make a life for my son, one with some happiness and joy without his father.

Anyway surviving grief by taking the little moments of joy where we can find them, was the only way that I could pull myself through.

Follow your heart do what you want and need to do.
Grief can not be fast forwarded I wish it were so.
Just take each day and try to see it through your eyes for Marsha. Don't force grief just let it take you where it wants to do and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Apr 04, 2011
by: Zoe

There is that time, after you lose your beloved, when the world seems to be whizzing by and all you can do is be frozen in that moment of your loss. You want it all to stop, because the more things move it feels as though you are being carried from the one you love.
I can only tell you from my experience that the raw searing pain you feel will subside, and the fact that you are doing these things, as hard as they may be, helps because it forced movement, and that is not something any of us willingly do.
Some times it will seem to ebb then other times the pain will wash over you. When it does, take one breath one step, that is all we can do some times, and believe me that is enough.
Come back here too, we are always here, and we understand.

Apr 04, 2011
Happy Birthday Danny Boy:)
by: TrishJ

First I cried then I smiled after reading your post. God bless that new little grandson.
My daughter was only two years old when my wonderful father-in-law passed away from lung cancer. My son was was 6. Both of them could tell anyone all there is to know about their grandpa because my husband (who we lost on December 3rd) kept his dad's memory alive. I've started writing little personal books for my three grandsons all about their grandpa Joe ~ will complete a pictorial dvd for them soon. They will grow up knowing how much their grandpa loves them and is watching over them. Do the same for Daniel. Marsha can still be part of his life. God bless you Grandpa. :)

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