Our one-eyed bandit

by Nadine
(Perris, CA, USA)

Bandit came to us sometime in 2011. She was a stray kitten from a litter of about 5 that hang around our front porch. My husband and i fed and cared for them by putting a large box with a blanket in it on our porch because it was winter and very cold out. One day we noticed Bandit's right eye was watery and kind of closed. We guessed it was either infected or she had gotten stratched. We tried catching her and the others but to no avail. We were afraid to trap them and take them to the shelter because we didn't know of any no-kill shelters. Anyway, soon after the eye was affected we noticed she had a lot of trouble eating, like she wasn't able to swallow properly or something. We trapped her and took her to our vet. It turned out she had been shot in the face with a bb gun and her jaw was affected so she couldn't close it all the way. She also lost the sight in her right eye. We took her to another doctor who could possibly operate on her, but he wasn't really encouraging about the outcome. So we took her home and she seemed to do ok eating soft canned food and getting regular shampoos because she couldn't clean herself. Recently, we saw her tongue was hanging out far for a couple of days and she wasn't eating. Our vet told us she was losing the muscles in her mouth, infection was setting in and she wouldn't be able to eat. She was put to sleep on Thursday, August 22, 2013. My husband, who rarely shows emotion, was crying, as i was. I sincerely hope we made the right decision for her. We didn't want her to suffer but knowing you are responsible for an animals death is very hard to handle. We buried her in our back yard and i am getting a memorial plague for her. She was the second cat we have lost in the last 3 months. The poor thing sure got a rotten deal in life. I don't know if there is an afterlife for animals but i sincerely hope so. She certainly deserves a happier, healthier one. Goodbye Bandit. Hopefully we will see you again. We will miss you sweetie.

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Aug 27, 2013
by: Nadine

Doreen, Thank you so much for your reply. I really appreciate your words of encouragement. God bless you. Nadine

Aug 26, 2013
Our one-eyed bandit
by: Doreen U.K.

Nadine I broke my heart reading your story of your life with Bandit. I could feel every emotion and pain that you must have felt when you found out what happened to bandit. She was having such a rough time. You gave her so much love and care and thoughtfulness when taking her to the vet and coping with her hygienic needs. There is nothing you could have done more to care for her needs.
You are not responsible for her death. You made a decision for her best interest. Animals suffer a lot which is why animals get put to sleep. This is the kinder thing to do, to put a pet out of misery. Her short life was filled with pain and sadness and she was never given a chance to grow up. I know it hurts so bad. I remember losing my pets and how I felt and this suffering of bandit brings it all back. She is at rest now and you should feel proud of yourself for caring for her needs and when the time came for that decision to be made you took it with bravery not thinking of yourself but Bandit and how her suffering was and would continue had she lived. I knew the time was right for me to give my birds to an Aviary where my birds would have a better life with better living conditions. I miss them so much. But I had to make this decision for their best needs and not mine.

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