Our Stacey

by Paul

My sister passed away 3 and a half months ago and I think about her every day. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer on the 1st of July 2007 and died on the 30th June 2012 almost exactly 5 years after her diagnosis. Seeing her struggle, and what she went through during those 5 years, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, long surgeries, dialysis etc all because SHE wanted to live, then eventually loosing her battle with the disease was especially difficult to take. Even in May 2012, when she found out that doctors were going to perform a very risky operation in an effort to prolong her life, she was all up for it. This is despite the fact she was already bed bound because she had contracted an infection during chemotherapy sessions in January that left her in a coma for about 4 weeks. Every muscle on every bone, through malnutrition, had all but disappeared and she simply could not move. The operation was a success, or so they thought but 2 weeks later, she developed a blood clot in an artificial tube doctors has inserted and died in hospital. She simply went to sleep and never woke up. After she died, a massive rainbow appeared outside the hospital, then it rained every day up until her funeral 13 days later. Check the weather in the UK for the end of June early July. I am not usually religious or superstitious but I believe they were signs from my sister to tell us all that she is OK and has found peace at last. RIP Stacey, your gone but never ever forgotten. xxx

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Oct 09, 2012
Our Stacey
by: Doreen U.K.

Paul I am sorry for your loss of your sister. It seems to have been a very long tedious battle for your sister. Just to hold onto her life a little longer, but she had in essence lost her quality of life. It is a most painfull experience to watch your loved one slowly die from a terminal illness.
My husband was diagnosed with a rare, incurable, inoperable, aggressive cancer caused by working with Asbestos. (in the U.K.). This lasted 3yrs.39days. For my husband this was a slow painful way to die. My husband took 2 lots of Chemotherapy, and 10 sessions of Radiotherapy, He developed shingles in one eye which is a dangerous place to have it and can cause blindness within one year. He then developed blood clots after the last Chemo session, He had to have daily injections for over 3 months then put on Warfarin all the different medication he had caused side effects. He coughed day and night and coughed up a lot of blood. When one problem came up and looked at, another problem arose and took its place, which needed new medication. My husband lost his taste, he couldn't taste his food, then he was on steroids for his apetite and then he stopped eating. So much was going on all the time. It breaks my heart over what he had to go through. There came a point He wanted to die as the suffering was too much for him to bear. I will never get over the crying of what suffering he went through. What our loved ones go through is so very hard to bear. I MISS HIM SO MUCH IT HURTS. I am glad you got a RAINBOW. God sent the Rainbow originally as His Promise that he would never destroy the world again by a flood. The Rainbow is a symbol of Love. Of being SAVED. For me I kept getting White Feathers. The white feathers is a common symbol. It is a symbol of COMFORT. Of the departed one being SAFE. To live with the pain of a DEATH is like a Cancer in itself with no medication for this pain. I hope that in time your pain will be Healed and you will have the support you need in the days and weeks ahead in your recovery from grief.

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