Our Sweet Boy

by Sharon Hamilton

When I was in eighth grade I volunteered over the summer at an animal shelter. One cat in particular would always come up to the front of the cage and meow whenever I would go by. I found out that they were going to put him to sleep; everyone wanted a kitty and not a full grown cat. I could not bear to let such a sweet soul die and so I adopted him.

Kitters spent fourteen years with me, until he passed away two nights ago. My heart is heavy and I miss him with every breath that I take. I have never met a braver cat, he had six different illnesses and he fought so hard. He loved us very much and I believe he wanted stay, even with his last breaths he fought.

Some cats have intuition and Kitters was always very intuitive to my needs. Whenever I was sad, sick, or needed a friend he would not leave my side until I was better. Even when we went to sleep he would always be touching my foot at the end of the bed to let me know he was there. You would have never met a cat with more quirks and personality, there is not an inch of our home that does not bring happy memories our our sweet boy back to us.

He saw us through so much. He was my little companion while my husband was at work. Now, the house feels so empty without him. Who knew that such a little cat could fill a house so full of love? My husband got a new job just days before kitters passed. It was as if he knew that I would be taken care of from now on, and that he could finally let go. I miss him so much but how can I feel cheated, losing him after fourteen years, when I didn't deserve such a blessing for one minute. I am grateful to have had such a gift in my life. I learned so much from Kitters through his life and his death. I know he's gone but he is forever in my heart. God take care of our sweet boy! We love you so much Kitter! xoxoxo

To all reading this, kitters is a testimony of how wonderful it can be to adopt an adult cat or dog. To think kitters would have been put sleep at such young age would have been such a waste. I encourage you save a cats life. While everyone looks for a kitten or a purebred, adopt a cat with a good spirit and you will be surprised what a blessing it can be to your life.

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Aug 03, 2010
im sorry for your loss
by: Natalie

I too adopted my baby from an animal shelter and have recently lost her. It is very hard as people may not understand how one can become so attached to a pet. I do understand what you are going through and it sounds like Kitters had a wonderful life with you, for that I'm sure he is grateful.

Jul 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel. I lost my best friend on March 8th and still cry about it as I am writing. The other dog we have has changed totally now and is trying hard to fill the void. Sinclaire was as unique as your cat. She would not sleep with me but had to have me touch her every night before she went to bed with my son. It does get easier.

Jul 23, 2010
by: Faith

I know how hard it can be to lose a special pet. We put our 17 year old cat to sleep on 7/13/10. I miss him so much. Like you, we adopted him from the shelter as an adult cat. He was such a sweet cat! I am granted a little bit of comfort in knowing we gave him a great life with us and in return he gave us his love. Your cat had a wonderful life with you and try to cherish all the wonderful memories.

Jul 23, 2010
Loss of Pet
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. We have three dogs and they are like our children. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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