by Brittany
(United States)

My papa had to have surgery on his leg at the hospital. The surgery was fine, but then the doctor came in and told my grandma that my papa had a blood clot and that he would have to stay at the hospital for a couple more days. They told my grandma that he would be fine, so my papa said "Linda you can go home and come back in the morning." So that's what she did. The next morning, thr hospital called her at about 7:30. They told her that my papa was unresponsive. She rushed to the hospital and they told her that they had got him stable. The nurses had put a tube down his throat to help get the fluid out if his stomach. He couldn't really breathe with that tube down his throat, and he kept trying to breathe, but he couldn't. His eyes were open and he could hear, but he couldn't talk. My mom and dad told me that I couldn't go in the room and see him because it might scare me seeing my papa like that. My grandma and her 5 sons sat in the room with him and the doctor unplugged all the machines and let my grandma and her sons say goodbye. My papa only lived for about another 15 minutes. He passed away on January 8,2013 at 1:28p.m. I miss him a lot and I never really got to say goodbye to him.

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Feb 11, 2013
by: Doreen U.K.

Brittany I guess you are suffering more grief now because you were not allowed to go into the room and see your Papa along with the 5 sons to say goodbye. You will probably feel a bit angry and left out. This is also part of your grief and these feelings may go away. If they don't then see a grief counsellor who will help you here. I didn't get to say goodbye to my husband when he died because I was holding onto a miracle. I just could not say goodbye to him it would have been too painful for me. But my husband put his arm around my neck and pulled me down to him and I said "Steve what are you doing." This hurts me because this was Him saying goodbye to me. I just couldn't have responded. It would have killed me to say goodbye. For now I feel O.K. with how I left things. But it hurts so much to lose someone you Love with all your Heart. Grief has a way of changing how we feel over time when new memories emerge but I won't cross this bridge till I come to it. No use worrying about what may not happen.

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