by nakeisha lemaine
(Bowling green Fl,)

My mom died because she was sick and had no medical attention in Haiti. I'm only 11 years old. Who's my father?? Like I said, parentless. He left my mom when he found out she was pregnant. What a life I have....Yaahh meeee!!!!!!!!!

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Sep 29, 2011
God Bless the Child
by: charlene

My sister died last month parentless, and she left a 19 yr. old son and her 11 yr. old daughter. You made me cry. God loves you now even more, I am angry to, and it feels like it will never be normal again, but God is with us, and we will be alright. I Love You and take care.

Sep 28, 2011
Is this for real?
by: Anonymous

First, the grammatical structure is not typical of an ESL 11 year old. Second, a Haitain child having computer access, but no access to health-care is not believable. This posting appears to be promoting the U.S. Universal Health-Care agenda. I just may be at the angry stage of grief.

Sep 28, 2011
Sorry for your loss
by: Still Grieving

Dear parentless,
I am very sorry for your loss, I lost my child 22 months ago and her young kids are now parentless too, although she is not here any longer and you don't know who your biological father is, I am sure you have people in your life that loves you unconditionally just like I love my grandkids and care for them unconditionally.
Don't duel on what you've never had, cherish your Mom's memory and become the person she would like you to be, always remember that it is "his" loss not to be a part of your life and not yours.
May God Bless you and wish you the best, I'm sure your Mom is watching over you just like my daughter is watching over her babies too.

Sep 28, 2011
Sending love
by: CB

I am so sorry for your loss honey. My granddaughter lost her Mom (my daughter) last year and she is 11 years old too. I know how tough it must be for you. It is still so very hard for me. Try to keep going forward and I know you will be okay. Be safe.

hugs to you

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