paulie i love you so much son

paulie I love and miss you so much babe my heart breaks for you.Its nearly 4 months since you left me and nothings the same lots of things have changed I wish you was here to share them .Well babe things haven't got any easier I cope cause I have to your birthday was the worst wanted see you so much and give u great big hug n kiss n hear you say wa u got me mum.I know you watching over me babe and I just wish you was still here I know ude be so happy knowing your Lil girl is able come live with me shes a Lil part of you that I can keep with me and i love her just the same as you .Your Lil bro is thinking of you bless he wished you nite nite sweet dreams last nite we all love n miss you and you remain deep in my heart babe you always will just wanted write to you youde be 22 now and you are the best babe sleep tite angel love you always xxxxxx

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Aug 04, 2014
luv u son x
by: pauls mum

I haven't wrote here for a while babe but I read the posts I wish I wasn't reading them because we all share the same thing our loss of who we love and how we feel.Here did help me babe as I sort of discover how I will feel you're never out my thoughts Paulie I know you never will be as long as I breathe its over a year you've been gone and not a day has gone by that u advent been in my thoughts your lil princess is doing fine she's a angel from my angel and thank you babe ile luv her to bits like you did she reminds me so much of u in ways even brings a smile now and again she's got the same cheeky grin the empty feeling I had still here guess it always will the sound of your voice and smile ile never forget iI smile just thinking of them just wanted to tell you I love you and I know and feel you with me at times Paulie so thank you babe sleep tite. Big hugs to you love you babe x

May 04, 2014
paulie x
by: dianne

I love you and always will you will always hold a special place in my heart and I think of you all the time babe.Each morning I wake and think of you and each nite before I go sleep you are in my thoughts I found out a few days ago the reason why you left us babe but I just wanted you to know I will never stop loving you .I know when I am feeling a little more down that the signs you send me are your hugs babe and I just wanted you to know you will always be loved and missed by me RIP paulie I luv you nite nite sweet dreams xxxx

Apr 11, 2014
paulie x
by: pauls mum

Its nine months to the day you went sleep babe but I still here writing to you I think of you always babe and miss you more than anything past weeks been quite hard babe I know use be tell in me stay strong and I really am doing my best to babe ile get there I pray each note you are at peace I just wish I knew the answer I have signs white feathers butterflies spiders and ladybirds lol sounds like I go in mad doesn't it but they make me smile I feel you with me at times usually see em more when having a bad day as if you say in pack it in ma I'm OK I hope its paradise you in and one day I get give you the biggest hug sleep tite Paulie until we meet again luv you always will mum x

Feb 16, 2014
paulie x
by: dianne

Hia babe I'm back again I hope you're at peace up there and its a beautiful place I miss you each and every day paulie I so wish with all my heart you was here with us though so much has changed babe I have some good days babe and then bam it comes crashing back at me I'm really trying stay strong because I know you're be telling me to I just miss you so much son I watched you grow from baby to a man and lifes so different for me because you not here with me the day you left a part of me left with you but the love I have for you will remain deep in my heart forever it helps me writing these letters to you because it seems like everyone is back to normal and I don't want them saying and asking if I'm all-rite so the false smile appears and I say yes feels like they don't understand the depth of the loss of you for me all's I can do is learn to live with it but one thing babe file hold this love rite here until its my time and hopefully file see and hug you again sleep title my angel I luv u xxxx

Dec 18, 2013
paul i miss you so much
by: dianne

paulie I miss you so much son I wish with all my heart you was still here no days the same without you babe things are very different .its a week to Xmas day and its a day I dread babe how its going to be without you here I keep thinking I wish I cud ave a little sign that you are and just maybe things will be a little more easier I will be coming down to your resting place babe and not a second of the day I wont be thinking of you times are hard at the moment the hurt of losing you is back yet again but I just wanted you to know that I love you with all my heart babe and miss you more than any words could explain I love you son sleep tite x

Dec 07, 2013
by: dianne

where do I start babe its just over 5 months that you left us and not a day or night goes without you in my thoughts I miss you more than ever babe I love you more than ever and wish with all my heart you was still here with us .your baby girl is living with us now babe and I know youde be so happy shes with us it just I wish us was aswell .ile give her extra hugs n kisses for you babe and shele know her daddy loves her loads missing you babe but youre always in my heart and thoughts sleep tite paulie xxxxx

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