Pepperoni 12 Years

by Ryon Schartz
(Denver, CO USA)

Dear Pepperoni,

Today is 12/12/12 one day after you left this world. I am sitting here with a major hole in my heart and feeling of loss I am not sure I will ever fill. But the things that bring me comfort are thinking back to all the times we spent together.

I still remember how I came to own you. I was watching Animal Planet Animal Police, and someone had brought in a little red doxie that had been hit with a hammer and its eye ball was hanging out. That dogs name was Pepperoni and I knew just then and there I needed to have a little red doxie named Pepperoni. So I searched the ads in the paper and on craigslist and I came across a family who was giving you up. I went to see you and you could not stop barking at me. But the minute I saw you I knew you had to be mine. With your big brown eyes and big ole floppy ears and that rat tail. I picked you up and you squirmed and squirmed and when we finally got in the car you crawled up on my shoulders and looked out the whole way home. This over time came to be “your” spot.

You came to live with me and the rest of my clan for many years. And over the time we lived in the house on Edgemoor you soon became princes of the house. I remember all the times you would lick EVERYTHING. If you wanted to know where Pep was just follow the lick marks on the hardwood floor and you would find her.

After several years there we made the move to Colorado. And you were my special little girl who came out with me as I made the move out here. And on the whole 8 hour road trip out here you rode on my shoulders again looking out the whole time. This was killer on my back but was worth every minute of it.

We have had quite a time here in Colorado and I wouldn't trade it for the world. After moving to Cap Hill and Living next to the park you loved our walks there. And you were the Squirrel Queen. You thought you could always catch them but never got there quick enough. It was so cute to watch you as you ran cuse your little tail would make a circular motion that made it look like you had propeller attached to you. And you didn't just walk you pranced.

Also you and your food. I cannot count the number of times I crawled into bed to be welcomed by a big ole pile of food there. I know you were never out of food, but I got the feeling like you thought you needed to hoard it. That is what I will miss about you. Also your love of Tennis balls. Oh those squeaky tennis balls that never stood a chance around you. You would get one and in a matter of hours you would have all the fuzz pulled off. I never did buy you enough of them in your life (ok I did but I could have bought you more) but you would still play with them after all the fuzz was gone.

You have an Uncle who will miss you too, Uncle Dave. He knew how much you loved him and how much you loved visiting him. It meant new scents and new places to explore. He loved to take care of you when I was gone or needed someone to watch over you. I loved how you knew when I said lets go to Uncle Dave’s you knew where to go. And you would prance your way over there.

Oh and then there were the Dog parks. I would take you there and sit you down, and you would BARK like you owned the place. And then almost every dog would come and want to smell you. And you would get on your hind legs and look at me like “Pick me up daddy I am scared” I would pick you up and then you would bark again like look at me you cannot get me I am still the Queen. And that you were. You were the Queen of my heart and all the people who met you.

Pep, I know there will never be another dog to replace you. You were always so kind and loving. You licked everything but that is what made you, you. I want to THANK YOU for being my dog. And for letting me love you as much as I did. I will forever and always carry you in my heart and keep you close. You will never be forgotten.

Thank you again for the time we spent together and for all the WONDERFUL memories.

You are and will Always be loved.

Until we meet again on the other side,

You loving Owner,


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Aug 07, 2013
Sweet and loving tribute
by: Jay

What a sweet and loving tribute. Reading this just brought tears to my eyes. What a loving story of a bond that will last forever. You will see each other on the other side when your time on Earth is through.

God Bless. - Jay

Mar 27, 2013
by: Kevin

I too have a doxie named Pepperoni. And yes, for the exact same reason as you!!

Feb 23, 2013
by: Anonymous

i've seen the episode on animal planet

could please link me with the video of pepperoni
story so that i could share with many ppl
spreading animal wise

Dec 18, 2012
Pepperoni 12years.
by: Doreen U.K.

Ryon I am sorry for your loss of Pepperoni. What a lovely story and account of your life with such a wonderful companion of a dog. Such rich experiences and memories that you will have forever. It is such a painfull loss from a pet that was not only LOVED, but a SPECIAL COMPANION to you.
It is never easy losing our pets from our life. They add value and meaning to our lives in a way that people don't. They provide a richness and quality of life that leaves us Bruised when they are gone.
I hope that once you have gotton over your loss that you will go on to have another dog to provide you with rich and loving memories and be a good companion to you. It really does make our journey in life sweeter and easier. When we go through difficulties and sadness in life it is our pets that come to us and comfort us in a way that people don't. I miss mine. I lost my husband 7months ago to cancer and I have also lost pets. I am not ready to go that route just yet but I am not discounting this from my life. Just reading your story fills me with feelings of Love that I just have to give away to some pet. I feel your sadness over your loss of Pepperoni. I am so happy that you had Pepperoni to Love and give a loving home to. You gave him Love and quality of Life. May you forever be Blessed.

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