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Cremation can be a beautiful and earth-friendly option following the death of your beloved pet.  You can then choose from several methods to dispose of your pet's "cremains". You can save the ashes in a beautiful memorial urn and keep it in your home; or bury the urn in a pet cemetery or in your backyard/memorial garden. You could also scatter your pet's ashes in a place where she loved to run and play, then save a small portion of the ashes in an urn in your home, to keep him close by...


This beautiful memorial frame may provide just the right touch for your desk, bookcase or mantel:

A Loved One: Pet Loss Frame

A Loved One: Pet Loss Frame

A beautiful and timeless tribute to your pet. A classic black wooden 8X10 frame surrounds a photograph of your pet and a tender poem. The gift also includes a brass plate that can be engraved with up to two lines with personalized information such as a date and/or your pet's name. Click below to read the poem and get more information about this beautiful item.


Below you will find some lovely options for urns and memory boxes:

Figurine Urns

Photo Urns

Tower Photo Urns

Marble Vase Urns

And unique high-quality urns from Richard Lamb:


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