Please Help Me Contact Veronica Who Loved Snowy

by Diane

After I read your touching tribute to Snowy, I read back and found your original in 2011. It was so eerie, because it was almost exactly the same as my tragedy. I had walked across the street to get my mail and did not know my beloved Chrissy was following me. I, too, heard the terrible sound that the speeding car made when it hit her. She also raised her head once to look at me. It happened on Dec. 8th. 2012, almost exactly a year since your Snow Snow was killed. I just wanted you to know there are definitely others who share your grief and sorrow and guilt. I would like to start this story in the hopes that ANY others who have tragically lost their beautiful pets in this horrible fashion can come here, to perhaps give advise on how to cope, what works best, and is there any way to let go of the guilt. I still ask every day for her forgiveness, does it ever end? I think it just changes into something that we have to live with. Veronica, how are you coping today? I know we didn't purposely harm our pets, but the guilt is there. I feel jealous of people who have lost their pets to old age. The what ifs and the should haves are terrible. Please, if anyone has any comfort or ways to comfort ourselves, to offer those of us who have lost our beautiful babies, please contact us here.

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Mar 18, 2013
Feelings for our babies
by: Diane

I still feel what you feel, I hear cars driving past way too fast and cringe, waiting to hear that awful sound of another cat getting hit. I want to throw something in front of their car to get their attention, but I know that I would go to jail if they wrecked. We have complained to the police several times and they are patrolling more often and actually have been giving tickets ( yeah!)My feral and the neighbors cat come across that street several times a day and it makes me sick to think I might see them laying out there some day. My heart still aches for my baby, I get tears in my eyes now that I'm outside more and see her little grave. I still ask for her forgiveness every day. The guilt is awful, I get sick to my stomach when I think about it. I try so hard not to, but I still 'see' her dying. Something strange has been happening, I pulled a plate out of a drawer yesterday on my birthday and one of her hairs was on it. She had very distinctive hair being a tabby, it was 'ringed'with different colors. I find her hair on my bathroom sink sometimes in the mornings. Since I vacuum daily and have cleaned every surface a lot since December, how can I find her hairs? I believe she is trying to comfort me, have you had Snowy try to contact you? In the meantime, I am left here on earth with a broken heart and a void that nothing can fill. I keep reading the poem I found on this site, "I only wanted you" and it does comfort me some by describing how I feel, there must be many that feel as we do. Please take care, may God bless you and give you comfort, know that your pain is shared by many.

Mar 13, 2013
read your post
by: Veronica

Hello Diane,

I have been meaning to write in response to your posting. Your question - how am I coping well not well but OK I guess. I miss my little girl so very much. Not a day goes by that I don't cry thinking of her. She truly was my Ikegai. She was the most wonderful spirit I have ever encountered and my world seems so empty without her here with me. I exist now that's all. I will always carry the guilt of causing her death and relive that day over and over and just have tremendous hate towards people that drive fast thru our neigborhood. One second was all she needed one second... I hope that you are dealing better with your loss than I am because I don't want to think that someone else is suffering the heartache that I am. I hope you are OK

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