Pookie the cat 21 year old friend I will miss you

by Jessamyn Fox
(Newtown PA 18940)

Pookie was my cat. She was twenty-one when she died. Towards the end of her life she was blind and deaf which was ok for a while. Then she fell down the stairs about two days after that, she began having intense seizures. The last day she had three in the morning. We were surprised she made it through the last one it was so violent. It broke my heart to see her suffer after a great life. We took her to the hospital and had to put her down. In my heart, I know after that last seizure she was howling like it was time to go.
Pookie could understand English. She used to talk back to me in word like meows until we both understood each other. I remember when I was a young kid following her on a hunt, low in the tall grasses. She caught a mouse that day. She was one years old.
We could never have fish; Pookie would get into the tank and eat them fishing them out with her paws. If she wanted to get out, she would open the screen door and go outside. She was quite the avid hunter and brought me a squirrel and a fish, a Sunny; she fished out of the neighbor’s pond. At four in the morning sometimes, Pookie would be out hunting and I could hear a howling at my window. So I would get up and go outside and check out her catch and she would be so proud. Then I told her she could eat it but thank you, and she would drag that kill off and eat it up.
What I miss most is her meows and her purrs and her face looking at me. If I was sad, she would come and sit on my lap and I would feel better. Now I don’t have her to comfort me. She was my oldest and dearest friend. I can never replace her, and I wouldn’t even try. I just try to focus on the happy stuff, but it’s so sad right now.
Animals should never suffer. She is at peace I think. Maybe whatever happens to our souls or spirits in that better place, hopefully she can hear and meow words and watch over me….

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Apr 03, 2013
Your beloved Pookie
by: Diane

I know there is nothing I can say to lessen your pain right now, except I am so sorry for your loss. Please be comforted by knowing we will share your pain and be praying for you. Pookie sounds like a wonderful friend and companion, she was so lucky to have such a wonderful long life and to be so loved by you. She will live on forever in your heart. I'm so glad you were with her during her rough times, I'm sure it meant a lot to her as you were her world.We love so much, that's why it hurts so badly when they leave us. RIP beautiful Pookie, your family will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge!

Apr 03, 2013
by: Judith in California

Your love for Pookie is evident in your writings of her. I'm sorry for her passing. It's heartbreaking to have to let them go for their comfort to us is never replaced . I pray for you to find peace with knowing she is up in Rainbow Bridge with my 8 fur babies I have lost over the years. I lost 5 within the last two years as well as my husband so I know the sadness you feel and my heart goes out to you,

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