by Andrea Trussell
(Arlington Texas)

MY Name is Andrea Trussell and this has been a very bad year for me i lost my grand mother died unexectedly at the beging of the year she was at the hospital having surgery on her hip it got infected in her leg and why they were doing the surgery she died and that was very hard to go thow my grand mother was just a sweet person and someboyd I will always remember for the rest of my life and now just wont to say that this past mouth has been really hard I had to put my dog my daughter Princess was like a daughter to me we did everthing together like watch tv movies and played together and we slept next to each other in the bed when she got old because I wanted her to have something comfortable to lay on and if she needed any thing I would be right their to help her with what ever she needed and made lots of memory together I had to put Princess to sleep last mouth on September ,11,2012 Princess was born on february,15,1995 so was a bordle collie mix so Princess died at the age of 17 and I still miss her a lot I am still realy heart broken I got Princess when I was 6 and half years old witch means I grew up with Princess I remember the day I got her I went to the dog pound with my mom and i was looking around at the dogs and i saw some beautiful black and white puppy so I went into the cage and got down on my knees and I looked at all the dogs and one of the dogs waled up to me and I picked the dog up and holded it but I didn't know witch dog to pick because they were all to beautiful and my mom said to me I think you should pick the one you are holding right now beacuse this dog chosed you and so then I said ok I think this is the dog I want so we payed for the dog and we found out it was a she so on the way home my mom toad some names of dogs and I thought Princess was the perfect name for her so we took her home and I was very excited about having my first pet and I said to my self that day I want Princess to be the best dog my family has ever had so so that was my goal to make my dog be the best dog my family has ever had and one thing I toad my self I want Princess to love every body and be very smart so I started teach my dog some trickes it years for her to lean the tricks but she leand them very fast I teached her how to sit-lay down-her name-stay-what I Love means I whisper in her ear I love You Princess then she would turn her head and lied me on my face and give me some kisses and I teached her give me kiss then she would lick me on my face and I teached her lots of more tricks and one day I was play with Princess andI grabed her paul and we looked at each other and I toad her you know what Princess me and you are going to be pals for ever I just know it and then I shook her paul and said pals for ever so I made a promise to her that we are going to be pals for ever and that is exactly what we were we were pals for ever so me and when I would go out side to see her she would jump all over me because she was so happy to see me and when she wold jump sometimes she would scratch me and somesome when she did that it hurt but that did bother me because i new she was just happy to see me and I loved my dog Princess with all my heart and when Princess got old her boby started falling apart and it was hard to see her strugle everday when she got old but I toad her that I was not going to give up on her no matter how hard times get I was not going to give up on her and when I got older and started working ever day when I got home from work I would set my stuff down and go to her and giver a big hug and a kiss and I love you Princess and when Princess got really old she got really bad arthritides and that when it made it really hard for me because I had to help her get up witch i didnt mine doing that but it was so heard to see her strugle ever day and I toad her all the time if I could get rid of arthritides I would but their is nothing you can do to get rid of it and Princess arthritides got so bad that she couldn't walk any more so why i was at work she wonld pody on her self and I had to give her a bath almost ever day and so I took her to the vet to see if their was something I to do to help her but he said it is best we let her go and i had a feeling that the vet was going to say that but I remember at that time when we left I was think to my self no this can't be happing to me so i went home and I said well rether I like it or not will just have to let her go I really don't want her to go because thats pal my life my daughter my everthing but I said well I rather her be in a heaven in a safe plase the strugling everday and that night my mom came home and asked me what did the vet say and I said they toad me that it is best if I let her go and my mom strarted crying and she said it is going to be the same with out her and I said yes it will not be the same with out her but I rather her be in heaven in a safe place then strugling everday then my said thats right I rather have that also for her so for next couple of days i spented as much time with my dog as much as i could and on september,10,2012 took a video on my phone and I am holgind her and telling her goodbye befor I have to let her go the next day I toad her I love you and your amazing ytour beautiful and you the best thing tha has ever happen to me and I said if their was a way to get rid of arthritdes I would do it but their is nothing you can do for arthritdes and then I taod her I really don't want to let you go you are my heart my solo my everthing you are the best thing that has ever happen to me and then I toad Princess am sorry I am so sorry and then I started crying and then that night when I went to bed I laid their and thought to my self i can't believe this is happing to me tomrrow I am going to loose my pal my daughter and I am going to loose half of my life because i gave half of my to Princess and then I started crying in the bed I cryed my self to sleep that night so the finale day I got up and got reat to go the the vet to have Princess put to sleep and I remember think that morning I can't beleive I am doing this so I took her to the vet and they put Princess to sleep and at that point I felt like a murderer I kept on thing to my self as I was going to the cemetery I killed her I just killed my pal my duatghter my best freind I feel like a murderer right now I know that I and not a murderer but at that time I was really hurt sad and I had Princess beared in a nice cemetery and when I got their they took her body and put it in the casket then they put in the viewing room then they shuted the do door and they I started cring my heart out thats probaly one of the hartest crys have ever done in my life then after that they took her body and beared it and then thats was it she was gone from my life for ever and I still miss her a lot and still wish she was hear with and I am still really heart broken and i just want to say thing to Princess thank you for being apart of my life and I love you and I really miss you a lot and your friend Sophie witch is my other dog she miss you to and you were such an amazing dog and I hope you and my family thought I did a good job taking cear of you and thank you for everthing to did for me I will never forget you for as long as I live and I am so sorry that I had kill you really didn't want to do that and right I feel really bad that I had to kill you so I hope you Princess can forgive me for killing and I am so sorry that I had to do that it breaks my heart ever day knowing that I had to kill and so hope you Princess can forgive me for killing you and I am so sorry about this but I love you and I guess this is goodbye for ever Princess goodbye princess goodbye for ever ok

Thank You Andrea Trussell

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Oct 29, 2012
Andrea you are so beautiful
by: geoffrey campbell

I wept as I read your story about Princess, but it really revealed that you have a big, big heart and are a beautiful person. I prayed for you, as your story broke my heart, but it is a truly beautiful story of the love you two had.

Oct 29, 2012
Princess loved you
by: Anonymous

Andrea, so sorry for your loss of your wonderful grandma, and Princess. They both we're very luck to have such a loving soul like yourself who took care and showered them with so much love. I lost my daughter Michelle Sept.11,2012 in her sleep at the age of 30, I'm so lost without her, I miss her smile, laughter, her love for me, and much more, I did to felt I failed her by not saving her she trusted and depended on me the guilt is with me, I have to work through this...I miss her so much, I cry everyday, sometimes I think I'm dreaming...But I have to have faith and believe that this is God plan and that Michelle is happy and she is with me always were ever I go, or she's beside me, walking with me, I loved her so much, she was and always be the love of my life!
You did nothing wrong but show love to Princess through out her years until the end. Princess loved you so much, if she could've have talk Princess would say, thank you mommy don't cry so much you were the best mommy, thank you so much in loving and taking good care of me, we had so much fun together, always keep my memory alive, I'm with you..I haven't left I'm right beside you, always, I love you! Have Faith knowing you did the right and beautiful thing, she's not suffering anymore. God Bless you!

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