Probably for the best

by xpretyNpinkStarx

The last four years have been extremely rough. My fiancé of four years broke up with me and I spent the next two years lying on my grandmas couch sobbing. For some reason I could not get past the breakup, the grief wouldn't leave. I found myself in a very unhealthy relationship, dating a text book narcissist, whom after 8 months I finally got a restraining order against. I met a man so shortly after this, a guy who swooped in and basically offered to rescue me. I moved in, upon his offer, after three weeks. It was everything I wanted. We built a home together, got dogs, decorated, built up the yard, transformed the home. There was a lot of conflict, he was very inconsiderate, said rude things often, and very seldom wanted to have sex. The conflict kept on until a year and three months he asked for a break. Keep in mind this man had told me he thought I was the one, we talked about marraige, so I thought this was a break. After a week we finally talked, and I basically had to ask it out of him, but he broke up with me. A week later I moved out. We've talked once since then since I had left a shoe their but that's it. It's been over a week now and nothing. I'm sad. Every day is different, some awful, some great! But I am surprised I have heard nothing...part of me I guess wishes he would miss me and call me. there was so much conflict I guess it was for the best. There was love there. I miss his family, and it's hard to forget about.

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Aug 22, 2014
Probably for the Best
by: xpretyNpinkStarx

Thank you guys for your responses. It means the world that you would take the time to read this and leave your advice. I know what you say rings true! I need to stop, take a break from dating for a while, and do something to make myself happy and better for the future. That is why I have signed back up for school and start monday full time! Hoping to leave the failed relationships and narcicisstic men in my past :) Counseling is an ongoing thing for me and I believe I'm making progress. Thank you again, hoping you're having a great day!

Aug 22, 2014
Probably for the best
by: Doreen UK

There are so many chapters to our life. Some good, some bad, and some we want back.
You sound young and not mature enough to say that you value yourself and take some counselling to find out why it is you attract narcistic men and relationships that attract so much conflict that you have to leave or the other person has to leave.
There will always be conflict in relationships and life in general but usually mature people should be able to work it out if they love each other. No one wants to live alone and we all want happiness. It is not easy to know if one is attracting the right person. But equally trying to be the right person is what is going to help a relationship to work. There must be Trust and honesty. Good communication, and humour helps.
No use sitting and crying over what may never be. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Get some counselling. Make this discovery, and start again.

Aug 20, 2014
Yes, and Now this
by: Judith in California

Dear xpretyNpinkStarx , it's time to give yourself a break and get to know just who and what you are about. You have jumed from one failed relationship to another and another.

Now give your self time and get to know YOU. Set your standards high and don't lower them for anyone. You derserve a man who will terat you with repsect and that begins with you respecting yourself. The right man will come along one day and you need to be ready in yourself. Know what you will and won't tolerate for yourself in any relationship. AND for heavens sake! don't live with a man unless he knows (not thinks) you are the one and you know he is the one by him putting a ring on your finger and a wedding day is set.

Girls to day just don't get it. There are worse things than being alone. Like having some man emotionally abuse you and not living in peace.

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