R. Jones

by Robbyn Jones
(Sikeston, MO USA)

We met later in life, I was 36 he was 40. I had been widowed in 1999 and he divorced in 1999. We were so different but so the same. I know you can't understand because I can't either. He became the father my children had lost. He raised them just like they were his, we are all so lost now that I don't think we will ever be the same. It's been over 2 years and I still cry everyday for the perfect love that was stolen from me by death once again. I try to decide what I did that was so wrong that I would lose the love of my life and can't say that I have. It's so unfair that I don't believe anymore. There's my GOD!! There's just pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov 01, 2011
There's a healing balm for us, Robbyn
by: Geoffrey Campbell

Dear Robbyn, I am going through terrible loss too lately, several terrible losses, and the grief just does not go away, but I know one thing that helps me in this time of grief, that according to His Word it is written, "In all our affliction He is afflicted." Because of our grief we often blame God, but this is because there is alot of misrepresentation of God out there coming from the pulpit, and I assure you dear Robbyn, God is not the author of death and suffering, if anything He wants to help us, as it is written in Ezekiel, He finds no pleasure in the death of even His enemies.
There is alot we don't understand, especially why innocent people, children, and even our beloved little animal companions suffer, but I assure you, we must not think God has abandoned us, or that He does not exist, or does not care. In this life, it is as the apostle Paul wrote, "we see through a glass darkly" and therefore we don't understand how there can be a loving God amidst a world of suffering, but I know there is a loving God, not just by faith, but over the decades I have seen the hand of providence.
When I hurt because of my physical infirmites, and worse with the loss of loved ones, I just draw closer to Him, and you can too, ...I love to sit at His feet (as I open His Word and read His passages of comfort) and hear Him tell me, that I am precious in His sight, and as it is written "he careth for you." I am handicapped, but if you need some words of assurance or encouragement, email geoffrey2300@hotmail.com
I hope you read the letters on this site, they are such a blessing, and the words of wisdom in many of these letters have helped me in my loss lately. God bless you dear Robbyn

Nov 01, 2011
We Can't Understand......
by: TrishJ

The pain is so intense. It's overwhelming most days. The deeper we loved the harder we grieve, unfortunately. I've said several times on this post that the only thing I can imagine that would be worse than losing my husband (J. Jones) is not having had him in my life at all. I had a wonderful husband who loved and understood me like no one else ever has or probably ever will. I think I have about another 30 years or so left on this earth and the thought of being without him for that long is not something I can even wrap my mid around most days. I do my best to keep busy and just block it out. He gave me wonderful children and they have given me fabulous grand children. It hurts so much to see them growing up without their "pop pop." If it is any comfort we are all in this together on this web site. There are so many of us widows grieving for the loves of their lives. It's sad.
Don't give up on God. There is a reason for everything that happens in this life. I still don't understand why he took my husband after we fought so long and hard to keep him alive.
Blessings to you and your family.

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