Randy Thomas Saso-Shaw, aged 24 years

by Joanne Greco
(Seattle, WA, USA)

Randy died of brain cancer on August 13,2013 after a long hard 4 year battle. He really believed he would be the exception who would beat this and win. No matter what was thrown at him in life, Randy always kept an upbeat and positive outlook. He loved his friends and family. Throughout all the trials he endured, he still believed that "la vita è bella" (life is beautiful.)

Dear Randy,

When we celebrated your life yesterday, your Great Grandpa Dan said that sometimes we never understand why some people are taken from our lives when they are so young. I've been asking that since you were diagnosed with brain cancer 4 years ago. I believe that God gave me the answer today. Even though there's an emptiness with you gone, the grief will be easier to bear now.

You lived long enough; you did the work you were sent into this world to do, and you were ready for Heaven when it was done. You loved the life you were given, despite what was thrown at you. You taught so many to love their own lives. You loved us and made sure we knew it. You left this world gracefully and bravely. You died young, yet you were satisfied with your life.

We were fortunate to be given these few extra years to spend with you. The last 14 weeks were the hardest weeks of my life, but also some of the best ones. I will always cherish those moments. During that short time, you taught me how to live life even while you were dying. You taught me that the people we love are more important in life than the things we desire. You taught me to face the things we are afraid of head on. But most of all, you taught me that "la vita è bella."

You are always in my heart,
August 29, 2013

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Oct 01, 2013
Randy Thomas Saso-Shaw, aged 24 years
by: Doreen UK

Joanne I am sorry for your loss of your grandson Randy to brain cancer. You wrote a lovely encouraging post of your grandson, who he was and how he lived his life that was a blessing to others. Some people, even in our own families touch our lives in a very special way. But this is revealed more after they die. This is also true of my husband of 44yrs. who died from cancer 17 months ago.
It is so hard when young people die too young and don't get to live longer and let their loved one's benefit from them being part of their continuing family. God gives us all a life span and we do have a purpose in our living. Randy seems to have fulfilled his purpose as he blessed the lives of other's whilst he was on this earth for a short time. What is more important is where we are going after we die. To have a strong Faith and belief in God who created us and gave us this gift of life helps our living. Knowing you will see your grandson again will also help your grief. But you will always miss his presence in your life from your family. This is the hardest part of death. The emptiness and loneliness will be felt for some time till healing takes place. Just knowing and waiting for Jesus to come back for us will give us the ones left behind, a reason to go on living. Thank you for your positive encouraging post that blessed me. Best wishes.

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